Behind The Blog… featuring Kim from And On That Note She Wrote

So today I’m featuring on a lovely ladies blog, if you haven’t already go and check out Full of beauty, chit chat, and relatable posts. Also, if you want to get to know me a little better, read your little minds on 🙂

And On The Note She Wrote

Hey Beauty Buddies…

Where the fudge has summer gone? It was only but yesterday after posting my Summer ‘To Do’ List that the heavens literally opened & resembled a miserable, windy, grey, damp, dismal day in mid November. Typical eh? *sigh* On a slightly more positive note thank y’all sooo much for the lovely ‘get well soon’ messages after my recent bout of the lurgies… you’ll be please to learn I’m well on the mend henceforth my moans & groans being far less necessary 😉

 So who do we have for your blogging delights on today’s Behind The Blog? It’s the wonderfully witty Kim from And On That Note She Wrote. Pleeeeeease tell me you haven’t been missing out on this girl’s giggle inducing blog? She’s just so darn easy to relate to, reading her posts is like catching up with a long-lost chum so get yourself over pronto and say a huge hello…

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10 Things That Happen Once You Live Together.


You start to watch a series with each other which  is fab, but then when you want to watch an episode whilst the other person isn’t there  it starts world war three.

Wearing make-up and being done up is a thing of the past. In fact looking human is a thing of the past. Even the prettiest of girls can look pretty terrifying at times.

Bodily functions aren’t hidden anymore, they are vocalised every time something happens. It’s like you want to be praised for it, nobody else can take your moment of fame. ‘Is that smell the dog?’ ‘NO IT’S ME, IT’S ME, IT’S REALLY ME’  -smugface-

You have had play fights that have gone from playful to nose bleeds and crying real quick.

So many inside jokes are developed that sometimes talking to other people becomes hard because they just don’t understand, do they?

You know those things you hate that they do? The little habits you wish you could change? You start doing them yourself. You are turning into what you hate about the other person, there is no humanity in the world.

Bathroom privacy becomes something of the past. It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, your other half is going to do their thing anyway.

It becomes impossible to go to sleep whilst angry with each other, bed is switzerland, you can’t argue whilst in bed.

Talking of bed, you have to learn to share. Suddenly star-fishing becomes a lot less practical. Nothing wrong with giving it your best shot still though.

Ultimately you will learn things about each other that you never knew would be possible. You will become best friends, inseparable and although you drive each other crazy, crazy is what makes it interesting.

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3 Crucial Post-Workout Steps.

10460525_363081657210169_8583922942853810972_n (1)So you’ve finished your workout and like myself you’re a sweaty monster and all you want to do is sit and never move again. There are three things you need to do before hand, they’re all super simple but it’s surprising how many people skip them.

1. Stretch. If you don’t want to spend time out of the game because your muscles aren’t on your team  or even injured you need to take 5-10 minutes after working out to stretch them out. It is recommended that you do 5 minutes of stretches and then 5 minutes releasing any tension and knots with a foam roller. AfIf you’re struggling with knowing what to do for these stretches or unsure on how to use a foam roller typing the question into Google will give you literally thousands of results an different activities you can do to help you and your muscles happy.

2. Get Out of Your Workout Clothes. It is so, so easy to get back from your workout, sit on the couch and then before you know it three hours have passed and you’re still sat in your workout gear. Even if you don’t have time to shower, which is still very recommended, at least get out of your workout clothes. Staying in them promotes acne on your back, yeast infections for us woman (nice), and other unhygienic related problems.

3. Eat. After working out your body needs to replenish itself of the lowered levels of fluids, glycogen and electrolytes. It also plays a massive factor in helping your muscles repair and grow. You should eat as soon as you can for it to have the optimum affect, it is also super easy to be tempted with a slice of cake or a biscuit (or five) after a workout to ‘reward’ yourself but it doesn’t actually mean you can get away with it, unfortunately. Try find something protein based!

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GoldCrush Hair – The One Month Mark.

13472_363081783876823_2169912488614692886_n10423342_363081697210165_3037083957853531356_nc/o GoldCrush

Hey guys so you might remember a post I did a month ago when I started my GoldCrush Hair journey, it feels like it’s been so long! I think that’s a mixture of the fact that February is a month lacking in many days and the fact GoldCrush generously gives you enough for a five week month in each batch. You can read my first impressions post here.

For the first time ever I’ve managed to keep up with taking something twice daily! Anyone who knows me knows i’m useless at keeping track and up to date with my vitamins I like to take, so I was quite worried I would be the same with these. However, because it comes with a super handy checklist it was so much easier and i’m yet to miss a day, yippeeee! The checklist is kept next to the kettle to keep it in my mind as my trips to the kettle are countless. If you like myself are bad at getting into a routine then I suggest you too pop this somewhere you  visit daily to keep you reminded! The capsules I thought would also be a challenge because they looked quite big, but they were super easy to consume, s-u-p-e-r easy.

I didn’t think my hair had grown that much, but then when you see your hair daily you don’t notice it really do you! Luckily I also received a GoldCrush Hair top that I could track my progress on. I hadn’t put the top on since the beginning of the month and didn’t know what to expect as I knew that it took about two months for the vitamins to really show any progress. BUT MY HAIR HAS GROWN GUYS , IT’S ACTUALLY GROWN! For someone who’s hair grows at an absolute snail pace I was amazed and quite frankly can’t wait to start my next month and see where I end up!

IMG_703911070741_363081560543512_5882776266982695942_nOh guys, apologies for the first picture the decent ones got deleted off my camera and I couldn’t exactly retake one further down the line so i’ve used this one as an accurate way to show the length.

It’s gone from 3″ to 6″. IN A MONTH! I have been eating healthier too so I don’t know whether that factor has had something to do with it too but either way I know that GoldCrush must of had a big part to play!

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The Weekly Round Up #6


1. Poppy got a little treat.

If there is one thing that has shocked me with blogging is how many people actually read what I write, it’s quite overwhelming sometimes at the responses I get. Obviously it’s lovely to have opportunities arise from blogging but one this week really made me smile, it was from and it meant that poppy got a treat instead of me. Which quite frankly, she deserves, she’s on this blog quite a lot! You can read it here.  Continue reading

20 things every 20 something should remember daily.

10392303_337402669778068_3334802379570314801_nScales lie. You can be in the best shape of your life and weigh more than you did before. Muscle weighs more than fat so don’t let a number define you.

Everything changes in a week and emotions come and go as quickly as clouds do. So don’t worry over life’s dramas too much,

Oily skin may leave you being acne prone and your makeup sliding off your face half way through the day. But ageing is naturally slowed down by it, winner winner chicken dinner.

Happiness doesn’t come from putting other people down.

It’s completely fine to not know what you want to do with your life.

What you see on social media isn’t someones actual life. They’ve probably got problems with their bills, spots left right and center and their house is a tip too. But they just won’t show it.

If biscuits were made to be eaten one or two at a time, they wouldn’t come in such a big packet. Right?

Please don’t be fooled, your leggings are probably see through whether they look it at first or not.

Always check there is toilet roll before going to the toilet.

If you’re waiting for a guy to change, stop, he won’t.

None of the girls in Pitbulls videos have to be around him for longer than the making of the video, don’t worry, they don’t have to endure him forever.

The world will not end if you turn off your phone, close your laptop and have some you time.

Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.

Baby wipes do NOT clean your face alone.

Pizza, when made at home, isn’t actually all that bad for you. EAT IT.

Just because someone’s an awful person it doesn’t mean that they won’t get anywhere. Just because someones a good person it doesn’t mean that they will.

A good cup of tea and  hug can help pretty much any situation, make it your first port of call.

Every girl should be each others biggest cheerleader, girl power and all that.

Don’t let not wearing make-up restrict what you do,your skin will thank you for taking days off from it. Leaving you with less reasons to wear it anyway.

There is no reason why you can’t still change your life.

untitled (1) and Poppy.


Poppy has been my best friend today and it has nothing to do with her loving me or the gorgeous sunshine that we’ve been blessed with. In fact it’s because we received her parcel from the guys over at and I think she’s truly felt like a doggy V.I.P. When I was asked if I would like to review some of their products of course I said yes, I knew poppy would LOVE receiving some yummy gifts. PetShop Bowl also do beds, collars, toys, flea and worming treatments and much more with such reasonable and affordable prices making it definitely worth a look! Continue reading