Goodbye Monday Blues, Hello Bubble Bath.

When you hear ‘Monday’ what do you think? For me it’s the thought of going back to work after a ever so quick passing Sunday and feeling less than excited about it. Not because I don’t love my job, but because Monday has an aura about it and it seems to affect me alongside everyone else in the UK. The good old Monday Blues. 1454750_355794101272258_368769682832554750_n

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9 Guys I’d Never Date.

1559706_10153800336955722_849919263_nIronically the guy on the left is my Fiance, the guy on the right is also a guy I don’t dislike, sorry guys haha!

I think I’ve met pretty much men of all types and walks of life. Some are great human beings that I’ve become friends with and I’ve even got engaged to one of the male species. There are some however that I’ve always steered away from romantically.

1. The ‘Me’ Man. If it’s the first time you’ve met this man I can guarantee you’ll leave with enough information about him to last you a lifetime. Everybody is entitled Continue reading

What Is Love?

skeletal-601213_640Everyday I hear the question “What is love?” and everyday I see people trying to answer that question like their answer applies to everybody. But how can anyone define what love is to anyone apart from themselves? Love is so many different things to everybody and can come in so many different ways. I honestly don’t think we can even pinpoint what love is to us personally with words alone, there’s just too much to it.

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The Weekly Round Up #8


1. PLL. Ok so, I only started watchihg PLL about a month ago. I’m always late to the party. I’ve literally just caught up on the seasons on Netflix and now I hear that ‘A’ is being revealed in the next few episodes. HOW BLOODY EXCITING. I can honestly say if I started watching this back when it all started I probably would of given up. Your patience outweighs mine massively. My mind changes constantly when I think who it could be, what are your theories?! Continue reading

My Winter To Spring Transition Lip.


MUA started our love affair accidentally, I was a girl in need, a girl who needed some red lipstick. I was also a girl who needed a money tree! When I ran into Superdrug  on a whim I saw the  MUA range were £1, ONE POUND! Obviously I was a little bit dubious because at that price I thought there must be a catch, of course I did, it’s ridiculously cheap! As soon as I applied it I knew the quality was just as good as the usual lipsticks I buy with a much bigger price tag! That my friends, is where my MUA  addiction began.


I’m really finding it hard to give up my dark edgey winter shades but this morning I needed something a little prettier. I have felt absolutely awful and I thought if I could find the perfect pick me up lipstick it would do the job to get me through the day. I immediately went to my MUA lipstick collection and looked through,  I wanted something fun and flirty but not too light with it still being quite blustery out there! Nectar (shade 16) caught my eye straight away, it’s a gorgeous peachy coral colour and looks gorgeous on most skin tones. As with all of the MUA lipsticks it has such a luxury feel on your lips, with it’s creamy consistency your lips don’t dry out, winner! Well at least mine don’t. The staying power is also massive plus, it stays put on my lips all day at work and with the amount of cups of tea I get through, that’s a little mysterious miracle haha!


Another nifty part of their lipsticks is that the bottom of the lipstick that shows the colour is also usable. I personally didn’t realise this to begin with, typical Kim move right there. Once I did though I was over the moon, my lipstick looks so much more polished when this is applied with a brush as a lip liner!

If you’re looking for an affordable lipstick without skimping on quality I would truly recommend MUA’s lipsticks. Did I mention they’re £1!!!

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Spring

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Holding Onto Winter Lips With Apocalips

11043128_355779204607081_8212809006988394569_n I am a sucker for the darker shades in the winter and although spring is creeping in on us I still couldn’t help but pick this up the other day and hope that I could drag it out for a bit longer before moving over to the lighter prettier shades. I love the Apocalips range by Rimmel London because the quality of the colour is always top notch so I wouldn’t be dissapointed. This one is ‘304 Eclipse’ which is the most gorgeous pinky/purple shade that gives any makeup look that little bit of edge that I love.  Continue reading