Goodbye Monday Blues, Hello Bubble Bath.

When you hear ‘Monday’ what do you think? For me it’s the thought of going back to work after a ever so quick passing Sunday and feeling less than excited about it. Not because I don’t love my job, but because Monday has an aura about it and it seems to affect me alongside everyone else in the UK. The good old Monday Blues. 1454750_355794101272258_368769682832554750_n


The one thing I look forward to on a Monday is getting home and having a nice hot soak in the bath. I never used to be a lover of bubble baths, or baths in general because I will always opt for a shower (which immediately after I still have, strange) but this past winter has found me reaching for a bubble bath quite frequently. I’ve gone through my fair share of bubble baths but the ‘I love’ range is by far my favourite. On my monthly Superdrug shop I go straight to the bubble baths and pick up one of their gorgeous smelling products. The stand out one to me though is definitely the ‘Strawberry Celebration’. The smell is so rich that the whole house is left smelling of strawberries and cream, bad for hunger but fab for the nose haha! There are mosturising properties in the bubble bath too which is so obvious as both in and out of the bath your skin is feeling silky soft! 11046462_355794121272256_6590600616615635838_n

If like how I used to be you’re not into bubble baths but you fancy smelling lush then this product might still be of interest, it doubles up as a shower creme/gel so nobody has to miss out! Turn your Monday’s around with something to look forward to when you get home!

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