The Weekly Round Up #6


1. Poppy got a little treat.

If there is one thing that has shocked me with blogging is how many people actually read what I write, it’s quite overwhelming sometimes at the responses I get. Obviously it’s lovely to have opportunities arise from blogging but one this week really made me smile, it was from and it meant that poppy got a treat instead of me. Which quite frankly, she deserves, she’s on this blog quite a lot! You can read it here.Ā 

2. People are vile sometimes.Ā 

So since leaving school I hadn’t been the victim of any harsh words, luckily. As much as I was very aware bullying was still going on in many forms it wasn’t affecting my life directly. But when I was walking poppy yesterday I had a some people make comments about my skin, about how gross it was and how they didn’t want to get too close to me. Quite frankly, think about what you’re saying before you say it! I have a really good support system so yes it upset me but only momentarily. someone else might not have that and be more vunerable and you could really affect someone’s life.

3. Week off work.

I have had so much time off work recently, although i’m not complaining it does get quite boring! I’m used to having structure to my day and without it I end up just floating through the day not getting much done, ooopsy! I have finally used up all my holiday for this year once this week is done….a new years worth of holiday starts in April though so it will be short lived haha!

4. Smoothies.

I’m still really enjoying keeping up with my fitness and my healthier diet! Smoothies and juices are an absolute essential, they are the only thing that seem to keep me interested enough to keep at it rather than reaching for the biscuit cupboard. Although i’m running out of recipes! If any of you are a juicer like myself pleaaaase pass on some of your favourite recipes!

Somethings that made me smile this week.

I love celebrities reading mean tweets and i wish the Jimmy Kimmel show was over here or Graham Norton would take on this feature or something! haha

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