What Is Love?

skeletal-601213_640Everyday I hear the question “What is love?” and everyday I see people trying to answer that question like their answer applies to everybody. But how can anyone define what love is to anyone apart from themselves? Love is so many different things to everybody and can come in so many different ways. I honestly don’t think we can even pinpoint what love is to us personally with words alone, there’s just too much to it.

Love to me is someone bringing out the best in you. A version of yourself that you’ve only known when they’ve beenaround. A version you wish you could be all the time but without them, you’re just not. Love to me is laughter, just constant laughter, being able to belly laugh all the time without it even being noticed because it’s just a common part of the everyday life you have together. Love is both ups and downs, where is love without passion? And where is passion without some heated arguments along the way?

When most people think of describing love they jump straight to describing their partner, but why? Because that’s the most important love to them? I’m just as guilty of it. We seem to forget about all the other forms of love in our life which have always been there and are just as important to us. The love of your family for instance, the love of a pet or even the love people can get for an inanimate object such as a book. They all have a love just as strong yet we seem to neglect appreciating them like we do the love for a significant other.

So next time someone asks you “what is love?” remember to make sure you remember all the forms of love in the world and you never, ever let anyone try and change your mind about what love is to you.

Have a great Saturday guys!

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6 responses to “What Is Love?

  1. Such a lovely read 🙂 love love love xx


  2. Very lovely and true


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