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Poppy has been my best friend today and it has nothing to do with her loving me or the gorgeous sunshine that we’ve been blessed with. In fact it’s because we received her parcel from the guys over at and I think she’s truly felt like a doggy V.I.P. When I was asked if I would like to review some of their products of course I said yes, I knew poppy would LOVE receiving some yummy gifts. PetShop Bowl also do beds, collars, toys, flea and worming treatments and much more with such reasonable and affordable prices making it definitely worth a look! Continue reading


9 Guys I’d Never Date.

1559706_10153800336955722_849919263_nIronically the guy on the left is my Fiance, the guy on the right is also a guy I don’t dislike, sorry guys haha!

I think I’ve met pretty much men of all types and walks of life. Some are great human beings that I’ve become friends with and I’ve even got engaged to one of the male species. There are some however that I’ve always steered away from romantically.

1. The ‘Me’ Man. If it’s the first time you’ve met this man I can guarantee you’ll leave with enough information about him to last you a lifetime. Everybody is entitled Continue reading

What Is Love?

skeletal-601213_640Everyday I hear the question “What is love?” and everyday I see people trying to answer that question like their answer applies to everybody. But how can anyone define what love is to anyone apart from themselves? Love is so many different things to everybody and can come in so many different ways. I honestly don’t think we can even pinpoint what love is to us personally with words alone, there’s just too much to it.

Love to me is someone bringing out the best in you. A version of yourself that you’ve only known when they’ve been Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up #8


1. PLL. Ok so, I only started watchihg PLL about a month ago. I’m always late to the party. I’ve literally just caught up on the seasons on Netflix and now I hear that ‘A’ is being revealed in the next few episodes. HOW BLOODY EXCITING. I can honestly say if I started watching this back when it all started I probably would of given up. Your patience outweighs mine massively. My mind changes constantly when I think who it could be, what are your theories?! Continue reading

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Spring

18316_355763007942034_2999286849735516479_n Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up #7

1610885_354279354757066_7691926316617081787_n1. Goodbye Puppies. 

This week all the puppies of my fiances mums have left one by one, it’s so sad to see them go because they are just ADORABLE. Nothing like a little puppy cuddle to perk you up!

10351406_353572041494464_641076421797948204_n2. Fun Nails.

For once I thought i’d have a little play with my nails, i find it quite hard to find inspiration to do them because it chips off instantly with my line of work which is a nightmare. Literally within five minutes your lovely pretty nails are a chipped ugly mess! I did however enjoy this look, with the dotted effect it didn’t matter too much about chips because the showed up less. See how i did it here.

11008064_351181215066880_3738164009315512093_n3. M&S Worthy.

You know what I mean, the M&S advert that makes everything sound amazing even when sometimes, it doesn’t quite live up to the hype. I can gladly say however this doesn’t need any hype built up about it because it’s fab all by itself! First time cooking a beef joint and it went absolutely amazingly! (No this beef was not bought from M&S, it was from a local butcher)

11006376_354831144701887_8961013851734786382_n4. Time Hop.

Time hop is brilliant for reminicising but when this picture of poppy dog popped up i got a little bit sad. Yes she’s absolutely gorgeous now but I miss the little ball of fur that fit on my lap with wiggle room. Now she sits on my lap and i can feel my bones on the verge of breaking haha!

5. Driving.

I got my driving license about three months ago with the hopes that i would have got a new job by now. There is nothing in this town for anybody that wants full time work, or even part time with a livable amount of hours! So a car was my way out, however it hasn’t worked out quite like that. Until now, finally we should be getting a car in the next couple of weeks thanks to the generosity of some amazing people.

Something That Made Me Smile This Week.

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Little Wet Noses & Clumsy Baby Paws.

10941417_354279398090395_1225091808648065023_n  11021164_354279694757032_5453091858285980693_n 11021261_354279868090348_7175892543278985848_n1779087_354279881423680_1933457813872905551_n 1610885_354279354757066_7691926316617081787_n

Puppies puppies and more puppies, i’m pretty sure it’s a fact that you can’t be sad around puppies. Just look at their little faces! A quick cuddle of them will sort out your day and make you forget everything. They’re Frazer’s mums border terrier’s puppies and sadly they are all starting to leave one by one to their new homes! One is staying with Frazer’s sister, so at least there will still be one we all get to see!

Quick post because the pictures are too cute to overshadow with words. Have a great Tuesday!

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