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GoldCrush Hair – The One Month Mark.

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Hey guys so you might remember a post I did a month ago when I started my GoldCrush Hair journey, it feels like it’s been so long! I think that’s a mixture of the fact that February is a month lacking in many days and the fact GoldCrush generously gives you enough for a five week month in each batch. You can read my first impressions post here.

For the first time ever I’ve managed to keep up with taking something twice daily! Anyone who knows me knows i’m useless at keeping track and up to date with my vitamins I like to take, so I was quite worried I would be the same with these. However, because it comes with a super handy checklist it was so much easier and i’m yet to miss a day, yippeeee! The checklist is kept next to the kettle to keep it in my mind as my trips to the kettle are countless. If you like myself are bad at getting into a routine then I suggest you too pop this somewhere you  visit daily to keep you reminded! The capsules I thought would also be a challenge because they looked quite big, but they were super easy to consume, s-u-p-e-r easy.

I didn’t think my hair had grown that much, but then when you see your hair daily you don’t notice it really do you! Luckily I also received a GoldCrush Hair top that I could track my progress on. I hadn’t put the top on since the beginning of the month and didn’t know what to expect as I knew that it took about two months for the vitamins to really show any progress. BUT MY HAIR HAS GROWN GUYS , IT’S ACTUALLY GROWN! For someone who’s hair grows at an absolute snail pace I was amazed and quite frankly can’t wait to start my next month and see where I end up!

IMG_703911070741_363081560543512_5882776266982695942_nOh guys, apologies for the first picture the decent ones got deleted off my camera and I couldn’t exactly retake one further down the line so i’ve used this one as an accurate way to show the length.

It’s gone from 3″ to 6″. IN A MONTH! I have been eating healthier too so I don’t know whether that factor has had something to do with it too but either way I know that GoldCrush must of had a big part to play!

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Goodbye Monday Blues, Hello Bubble Bath.

When you hear ‘Monday’ what do you think? For me it’s the thought of going back to work after a ever so quick passing Sunday and feeling less than excited about it. Not because I don’t love my job, but because Monday has an aura about it and it seems to affect me alongside everyone else in the UK. The good old Monday Blues. 1454750_355794101272258_368769682832554750_n

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My Winter To Spring Transition Lip.


MUA started our love affair accidentally, I was a girl in need, a girl who needed some red lipstick. I was also a girl who needed a money tree! When I ran into Superdrug  on a whim I saw the  MUA range were £1, ONE POUND! Obviously I was a little bit dubious because at that price I thought there must be a catch, of course I did, it’s ridiculously cheap! As soon as I applied it I knew the quality was just as good as the usual lipsticks I buy with a much bigger price tag! That my friends, is where my MUA  addiction began.


I’m really finding it hard to give up my dark edgey winter shades but this morning I needed something a little prettier. I have felt absolutely awful and I thought if I could find the perfect pick me up lipstick it would do the job to get me through the day. I immediately went to my MUA lipstick collection and looked through,  I wanted something fun and flirty but not too light with it still being quite blustery out there! Nectar (shade 16) caught my eye straight away, it’s a gorgeous peachy coral colour and looks gorgeous on most skin tones. As with all of the MUA lipsticks it has such a luxury feel on your lips, with it’s creamy consistency your lips don’t dry out, winner! Well at least mine don’t. The staying power is also massive plus, it stays put on my lips all day at work and with the amount of cups of tea I get through, that’s a little mysterious miracle haha!


Another nifty part of their lipsticks is that the bottom of the lipstick that shows the colour is also usable. I personally didn’t realise this to begin with, typical Kim move right there. Once I did though I was over the moon, my lipstick looks so much more polished when this is applied with a brush as a lip liner!

If you’re looking for an affordable lipstick without skimping on quality I would truly recommend MUA’s lipsticks. Did I mention they’re £1!!!

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Superdrugs ‘5 MINUTE Fabric Facial’

1385783_355763304608671_2881777983183680712_n Here we are again, another day and another chance for me to try my best to clear up my blemish prone skin. Sundays are just the perfect day for it, pamper pamper and pamper yourself some more. Personally, I’ve always gone for the ‘Dead Sea Mud Mask’ by Superdrug because it works amazingly on my skin, leaving my spots reduced in redness immediately and most of them are reduced in size too. I’m just left with an all round clean look and feel. When i saw this on the shelf though i couldn’t help but try it, admittedly because anything with purifying catches my eye and the fact it had ‘NEW’ plastered on too had me intrigued. The mask is a ‘refreshing blend of Tea Tree and Spearmint Essential Oils’ so i was eager to try! Continue reading

The Go To Dry Shampoo’s

As far as washing my hair goes, you could say I’m pretty gross. If I don’t need to I wont and so I’ve tried my fair share of Dry Shampoos. Whoever created this gorgeous little formula deserves the world, it’s such a life saviour. It transforms me from looking ridiculously bad to averagely presentable on days when there seems to be no hope for my hair, and no time to do anything about it.

16516_354558498062485_459580050811313208_nThe Ultimate Clean – When it comes to your hair feeling completely clean and refreshed Batiste has it on point. It doesn’t matter how badly my hair needs a wash (yummy) this always makes me look presentable. They have a wide range of different scents and i have gone through them all but this one leaves my hair in a gorgeous beach-like texture too which is an absolute winner for me. Who doesn’t want to be a beach babe?

kimThe Volume Boost – Plump It up by VO5 is where i go when i need a little bit of extra oomph for a night out or a meal. Most the time when i use this my hair isn’t even in need of a dry shampoo, but the volume i get from this is great so i turn to it more for that than a general clean. Although the fact that is does both is just fab!

10428541_354558544729147_6591817804608634803_nThe Luxury All Day Smell – Herbal Essences has always been known for their intense but amazing smelling products, this is no exception. I find that after using this  i get whiffs of my hair all day long! Even if my hair doesn’t look completely clean it smells amazing,  unfortunately with this i find it doesn’t work as well for the general clean like the Batiste range. Don’t get me wrong though, it does work, just not to the extent i always need it. However after using the Batiste Dry Shampoo I normally give this a quick spray over the top so it smells gorgeous as well as looks gorgeous.

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Fun and Easy Nails.

If there is one thing the UK is great for it’s their budget friendly make-up that isn’t leaving you with anything less than great quality. Essence is a brand from Germany that is relatively new to the UK, arriving only last year, but it’s definitely making it’s mark! Super affordable prices with a wide variety of products to choose from and the product itself has always been for me, good quality. These nail varnishes are only£1.99, ONE POUND NINETY FLIPPING NINE. That  to me is absolutely amazing, means i can buy and experiment with lots of new colors without breaking the bank! Yay.

10351406_353572041494464_641076421797948204_n 10991283_353572148161120_5685790511650641577_n

So I am not one who takes ages on their nails, with my job they become chipped within hours and it’s all pretty pointless! But this takes literally just over five minutes to achieve and you are left looking like you’ve made some effort. It’s also fab because if like me your job is very hands on, if you do get a chip it is so much less noticeable. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

  • Start off with applying your clear base/top coat.
  • Grab a bobby pin, (for me i just walked around staring at the floor in the living room because they’re always everywhere in this house) and pour a small amount of the blue nail varnish onto a piece of cotton or paper, or whatever you have that it wont seep through. Dab the bobby pin into the blue nail varnish and dot around your nails.
  • Repeat the same process but this time with a cotton bud, this will make the orange dots larger than the blue.
  • Finish off by applying your clear base/top coat.
  • And there you have it, fun looking nails with enough time left over to show them off to the world.

Have a great Sunday guys!

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The MUA Mosaic Bronzer.

I have this absolutely fantastic ability to look so pale i look ill. I live in Britain where you get a few days of summer a year so what do i expect really? For those who have got some natural glow to them this bronzer would probably act as more of a blusher, but on my pale complexion it’s the perfect budget bronzer. I use the ‘Natural Glow’ shade and unlike other bronzers there is a fusion of colours which when blended leave a gorgeous natural glow that isn’t too overpowering. I would say it’s definitely a bronzer you need to build up, which for me is perfect because as i say being so pale if it was really obvious i would look rather dashing, so being able to build it to the desired look i want is perfect for me.


Did you notice i said it was budget friendly? Mhmm, i wasn’t joking. Coming in at only £2.50 on the MUA website it’s an absolute steal and the perfect bronzer for someone who hasn’t tried one before and doesn’t want to splurge. I have quite a few bronzers but this is by far the cheapest I’ve ever come across that is of such good quality. The clear packaging so you can see the fusion of colours is so appealing to the eye and the clasp (is it called a clasp? I think so, i’m going to  go with it anyway) firmly stays in place too. So there’s none of that messy business whilst the product knocks about in your make-up bag.


The bronzer has a slight shimmer to it (which you would be able to see visibly  before i got it wet by accident and made it a bit bumpy, hello butter fingers) but it’s nothing too much. It doesn’t accentuate pores or imperfections at all which for me is great as…i have every bodies fair share of those i think! If you’re looking for a budget bronzer or just want to try a new one, i would definitely recommend this! For the price you can’t really go wrong, although i will say everyone i’ve seen who’s worn this have all looked completely different. With the bronzer being a mixture of colours certain colours take to peoples skin differently, some love it, some hate it.


If you would love to try this product you can buy it here, or you can pick it up in your local Superdrug or Boots.