10 Things That Happen Once You Live Together.


You start to watch a series with each other which  is fab, but then when you want to watch an episode whilst the other person isn’t there  it starts world war three.

Wearing make-up and being done up is a thing of the past. In fact looking human is a thing of the past. Even the prettiest of girls can look pretty terrifying at times.

Bodily functions aren’t hidden anymore, they are vocalised every time something happens. It’s like you want to be praised for it, nobody else can take your moment of fame. ‘Is that smell the dog?’ ‘NO IT’S ME, IT’S ME, IT’S REALLY ME’  -smugface-

You have had play fights that have gone from playful to nose bleeds and crying real quick.

So many inside jokes are developed that sometimes talking to other people becomes hard because they just don’t understand, do they?

You know those things you hate that they do? The little habits you wish you could change? You start doing them yourself. You are turning into what you hate about the other person, there is no humanity in the world.

Bathroom privacy becomes something of the past. It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, your other half is going to do their thing anyway.

It becomes impossible to go to sleep whilst angry with each other, bed is switzerland, you can’t argue whilst in bed.

Talking of bed, you have to learn to share. Suddenly star-fishing becomes a lot less practical. Nothing wrong with giving it your best shot still though.

Ultimately you will learn things about each other that you never knew would be possible. You will become best friends, inseparable and although you drive each other crazy, crazy is what makes it interesting.

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3 responses to “10 Things That Happen Once You Live Together.

  1. Haaaaaa Kim this is brilliant!!!! 100% nail on the head with this lot!!! Your posts never fail to amuse me – ever! 😀 Karen X


  2. This was a really sweet post, and it gave me a good giggle! I loved the ones about watching a series together and the inside jokes – Tasha


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