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Why do we enjoy lists so much? Is it because they’re simple and straight to the point? Is it because they’re flowing and easy to read? Or are we just too lazy to write in paragraphs and opting for a list is the easiest way?

It’s probably a mixture of all of them but what I do know is that I am like many, guilty of loving them

Behind The Blog… featuring Kim from And On That Note She Wrote

So today I’m featuring on a lovely ladies blog, if you haven’t already go and check out Full of beauty, chit chat, and relatable posts. Also, if you want to get to know me a little better, read your little minds on 🙂

And On The Note She Wrote

Hey Beauty Buddies…

Where the fudge has summer gone? It was only but yesterday after posting my Summer ‘To Do’ List that the heavens literally opened & resembled a miserable, windy, grey, damp, dismal day in mid November. Typical eh? *sigh* On a slightly more positive note thank y’all sooo much for the lovely ‘get well soon’ messages after my recent bout of the lurgies… you’ll be please to learn I’m well on the mend henceforth my moans & groans being far less necessary 😉

 So who do we have for your blogging delights on today’s Behind The Blog? It’s the wonderfully witty Kim from And On That Note She Wrote. Pleeeeeease tell me you haven’t been missing out on this girl’s giggle inducing blog? She’s just so darn easy to relate to, reading her posts is like catching up with a long-lost chum so get yourself over pronto and say a huge hello…

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10 Things That Happen Once You Live Together.


You start to watch a series with each other which  is fab, but then when you want to watch an episode whilst the other person isn’t there  it starts world war three.

Wearing make-up and being done up is a thing of the past. In fact looking human is a thing of the past. Even the prettiest of girls can look pretty terrifying at times.

Bodily functions aren’t hidden anymore, they are vocalised every time something happens. It’s like you want to be praised for it, nobody else can take your moment of fame. ‘Is that smell the dog?’ ‘NO IT’S ME, IT’S ME, IT’S REALLY ME’  -smugface-

You have had play fights that have gone from playful to nose bleeds and crying real quick.

So many inside jokes are developed that sometimes talking to other people becomes hard because they just don’t understand, do they?

You know those things you hate that they do? The little habits you wish you could change? You start doing them yourself. You are turning into what you hate about the other person, there is no humanity in the world.

Bathroom privacy becomes something of the past. It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, your other half is going to do their thing anyway.

It becomes impossible to go to sleep whilst angry with each other, bed is switzerland, you can’t argue whilst in bed.

Talking of bed, you have to learn to share. Suddenly star-fishing becomes a lot less practical. Nothing wrong with giving it your best shot still though.

Ultimately you will learn things about each other that you never knew would be possible. You will become best friends, inseparable and although you drive each other crazy, crazy is what makes it interesting.

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The Weekly Round Up #6


1. Poppy got a little treat.

If there is one thing that has shocked me with blogging is how many people actually read what I write, it’s quite overwhelming sometimes at the responses I get. Obviously it’s lovely to have opportunities arise from blogging but one this week really made me smile, it was from and it meant that poppy got a treat instead of me. Which quite frankly, she deserves, she’s on this blog quite a lot! You can read it here.  Continue reading

20 things every 20 something should remember daily.

10392303_337402669778068_3334802379570314801_nScales lie. You can be in the best shape of your life and weigh more than you did before. Muscle weighs more than fat so don’t let a number define you.

Everything changes in a week and emotions come and go as quickly as clouds do. So don’t worry over life’s dramas too much,

Oily skin may leave you being acne prone and your makeup sliding off your face half way through the day. But ageing is naturally slowed down by it, winner winner chicken dinner.

Happiness doesn’t come from putting other people down.

It’s completely fine to not know what you want to do with your life.

What you see on social media isn’t someones actual life. They’ve probably got problems with their bills, spots left right and center and their house is a tip too. But they just won’t show it.

If biscuits were made to be eaten one or two at a time, they wouldn’t come in such a big packet. Right?

Please don’t be fooled, your leggings are probably see through whether they look it at first or not.

Always check there is toilet roll before going to the toilet.

If you’re waiting for a guy to change, stop, he won’t.

None of the girls in Pitbulls videos have to be around him for longer than the making of the video, don’t worry, they don’t have to endure him forever.

The world will not end if you turn off your phone, close your laptop and have some you time.

Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.

Baby wipes do NOT clean your face alone.

Pizza, when made at home, isn’t actually all that bad for you. EAT IT.

Just because someone’s an awful person it doesn’t mean that they won’t get anywhere. Just because someones a good person it doesn’t mean that they will.

A good cup of tea and  hug can help pretty much any situation, make it your first port of call.

Every girl should be each others biggest cheerleader, girl power and all that.

Don’t let not wearing make-up restrict what you do,your skin will thank you for taking days off from it. Leaving you with less reasons to wear it anyway.

There is no reason why you can’t still change your life.

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Holding Onto Winter Lips With Apocalips

11043128_355779204607081_8212809006988394569_n I am a sucker for the darker shades in the winter and although spring is creeping in on us I still couldn’t help but pick this up the other day and hope that I could drag it out for a bit longer before moving over to the lighter prettier shades. I love the Apocalips range by Rimmel London because the quality of the colour is always top notch so I wouldn’t be dissapointed. This one is ‘304 Eclipse’ which is the most gorgeous pinky/purple shade that gives any makeup look that little bit of edge that I love.  Continue reading

8 Things I’d Do If ‘The Purge’ Was Real.

Now I don’t know about you but i’m rather disappointed that the only thing people seem to want to do in the purge is kill other people, COME ON CRIME IS LEGAL. Personally I would use my time a lot wiser, because well, I’m not really into killing to be frank.


1. Update My Wardrobe. I would go into every clothing store that i love, Topshop, Primark, River Island, Next, EVERYWHERE and take as much as i could. I’d rent a van and just completely ram it full.

2. Take Animals From People Who Don’t Deserve Them. Any other day this would be theft, but oh no not today. There are so many people who mistreat animals and it would be my mission to go and remove each and every one of them from that enviroment. (I would also probably have to steal peoples garden space on the street to set up their kennels and play space)

3. Go And Steal The KFC Recipe. Every time i go into KFC the little smug old man painted on the wall has the words ‘secret recipe’ next to him. Won’t be so secret soon and then lets see how smug you are! Ohhhh the chickenny-goodness!

4. Update My Make-up Bag. Girrrrrrl I would be looking like a model for the next year and wouldn’t need to get anything else until the next purge! Even then it could be out of being greedy than actually needing it! Every item of make-up sold on the high street will also be stuffed into my rented van, obviously after I’ve dropped off all my clothing goods at home.

5. One Word, Nutella. 

6. I’d Probably Move. I have a bit of an addiction with Zoopla, i don’t know why i do it to myself but i spend hours looking at properties i’ll never be able to afford. I’d definitely steal the papers, sign that little bad boy and make it look like it’s legit been paid already in full. HELLO LUXURY.

7. Rob A Bank. This one is completely obvious, I’m definitely going to take advantage of my bad money situation and give myself a big pay packet. Why the hell wouldn’t i!

8. Adopt The Lifestyle Of a Possum. For the rest of the night, you know after i’ve turned into superwoman and somehow managed to do all of these crimes, i’d become possum-like. I would lay on the floor, looking dead, acting dead, being at one with being dead and hope people actually believed i was dead so they didn’t kill me.

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Say Hello To Flamingo Gifts.

I can’t tell you how excited i was this morning to have a parcel arrive at my door and it be from Flamingo Gifts, if you’ve not heard of them you’re missing out. A quick browse through their website will make a dent in your bank account and leave your house full of new pretty items, they have everything from novelty gifts to jewellery and home items. When i was contacted by Laura and asked if i wanted to pick some of their items to review and of course i jumped at the chance, you’ll soon see why!


I’ve had my eye on this Fox Cushion for a while now, i love the patchwork design and that it is so beautifully handmade. It comes in brown too which I’m going to have to purchase on payday, it looks beautiful in my conservatory!

IMG_7294This hip flask has got me written all over it and not just because it says awesome haha! Toot Toot (for any confusion, that’s me tooting my horn, no shame). If i was to carry around a hip flask normally people may judge, but with this one i feel like they’d be too busy thinking it looks cute with it’s fun design to realise what i even have in there! Winner Winner.

IMG_7282IMG_7284Can  you see a theme here? I’d be lying if i said i didn’t instantly love anything animal themed. Stags are still taking the nation by storm, they’re the perfect mixture of rustic and modern and i can’t see them going anywhere soon! This Stag Pendant is a perfect addition to my collection.

IMG_7323IMG_7335 This Granite Hedgehog Scarf is so beautifully soft! I put it on to take this picture with the mindset that it will then be taken off and put back on when i walk to work, here it is, still on my neck, too cosy! Probably wont feel it’s benefits now when i walk to work though, wow, did i just say that?! It’s true what they say, you will turn into your mother. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

IMG_7359Last of all i also got these two lovely jewellery storage pieces, in animal theme of course, a Robin Earring Stand and an Elephant Ring Holder. It can’t just be me who loses earrings pretty much as soon as they are taken out of their ears? Or ear Lobes, i don’t keep them in my ears haha! I’m such an awful example of a girl so this is perfect for me. I might finally be able to keep them to wear a second time! I don’t think that’s too much to ask for! IMG_7361I don’t own loads of rings because my fingers are too small to keep them on normally but since getting engaged i obviously wear one! It’s too pretty for me to wear during doing the pots or a hot bath because i’m worried about damaging it. I’m a bit anal about it really, but now i have such a gorgeoous little elephant to look after it for me whilst i get on with my chores!

I can’t tell you how well made these all are, they’re all beautifully put together and I love how down to earth the whole team are! Find them on their website, their twitter, facebook and instagram.

Have a great day guys!

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