The Weekly Round Up #8


1. PLL. Ok so, I only started watchihg PLL about a month ago. I’m always late to the party.Β I’ve literally just caught up on the seasons on Netflix and now I hear that ‘A’ is being revealed in the next few episodes. HOW BLOODY EXCITING. I can honestly say if I started watching this back when it all started I probably would of given up. Your patience outweighs mine massively. My mind changes constantly when I think who it could be, what are your theories?!

2. Running this week has been absolutely traumatic. The streetlights down our street are out, completely out and have been on and off like this for a month or so now. Until the other night this didn’t phase me much, not one bit. However on my run I tripped over a stick, banged my head, and spent the next day feeling rather rough! Nightmare!


3. I went for a gorgeous walk with Poppy the other day and we decided to go somewhere completely different. I have never seen her attention drawn to something quite like she was here. She was leaning over this wall watching the water and the ducks below for a good five/ten minutes.


4. Hello Spring, you are so very welcome here in little old Louth. I’m sure you’re all as excited as i am (Fellow Bloggers) that we have a few hours extra of natural light. That put together with the gorgeous colours that are appearing in our gardens and I can expect that we will be seeing some lovely photography happening over the next few months!

Something That’s Made Me Smile This Week.

If you haven’t watched this yet, YOU NEED TO.

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2 responses to “The Weekly Round Up #8

  1. I really like this post idea! Also PLL is getting insane, I just want to know everything at this point πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve not jumped on the PLL bandwagon yet.. but never say never. That’s so crap that you hurt yourself running! They should have the lights fixed! Poppy is so cute watching the ducks, she seems so peaceful. Yes yes yes, I CAN’T wait for more natural light. Maybe even a little sunshine? Or is that asking too much of Irish weather? haha.


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