Holding Onto Winter Lips With Apocalips

11043128_355779204607081_8212809006988394569_n I am a sucker for the darker shades in the winter and although spring is creeping in on us I still couldn’t help but pick this up the other day and hope that I could drag it out for a bit longer before moving over to the lighter prettier shades. I love the Apocalips range by Rimmel London because the quality of the colour is always top notch so I wouldn’t be dissapointed. This one is ‘304 Eclipse’ which is the most gorgeous pinky/purple shade that gives any makeup look that little bit of edge that I love. 11019025_355779167940418_1456030465430491771_nThe Lacquer has a lovely creamy consistency to it and is the true meaning of a lacquer to me. It’s the perfect in between of lip-gloss and lipstick.  The applicator has a little well that collects the lacquer so you only need 1-2 dips of the product to complete the look which is fab, however it can sometimes over collect in the little well leaving you with a little too much excess. After applying it has the high shine of a lip-gloss but overtime goes to a much more matte look which i personally prefer so that’s fine by me. It can be a little drying but popping some lip balm on your lips before applying Apocalips nips that in the bud.1505349_355779157940419_7493003411074122013_nThe staying power of this product has been quite impressive, yes you need a little touch up about four hours after wearing it but I wouldn’t expect any different when applying a lip product. I talk way too much and drink far too much tea for it to stay put all day! 10475846_355763941275274_3431591621014031749_nI’m definitely an Apocalips fan and I couldn’t be happier with this impulse buy. They have some gorgeous lighter shades too which I’m sure i’ll be getting my hands on when the weather improves and i drag my pastels out the wardrobe.

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9 responses to “Holding Onto Winter Lips With Apocalips

  1. I was just checking out these about five minutes! Had to be a good girl and restrain myself from buying them xx


  2. Darker lips are always one of my favorite beauty parts of Winter – pains me a bit too to let it go haha! Love this color!


  3. That shade looks beautiful! I
    need to find these.


  4. Oh I just love Apocalips! The pigmentation is just incredible and this shade looks really lovely on you!

    Allie | RainyAllie


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