Superdrugs ‘5 MINUTE Fabric Facial’

1385783_355763304608671_2881777983183680712_n Here we are again, another day and another chance for me to try my best to clear up my blemish prone skin. Sundays are just the perfect day for it, pamper pamper and pamper yourself some more. Personally, I’ve always gone for the ‘Dead Sea Mud Mask’ by Superdrug because it works amazingly on my skin, leaving my spots reduced in redness immediately and most of them are reduced in size too. I’m just left with an all round clean look and feel. When i saw this on the shelf though i couldn’t help but try it, admittedly because anything with purifying catches my eye and the fact it had ‘NEW’ plastered on too had me intrigued. The mask is a ‘refreshing blend of Tea Tree and Spearmint Essential Oils’ so i was eager to try!11046860_355763381275330_9028699709744957293_nAs with Face Masks of all kinds you start with cleansing your skin so you have a nice clean base to work from, whilst removing the facial sheet mask from the packet i couldn’t help but notice how large it was. I’m either tiny or these could of been a little better measured, because of the size i found myself having to fold it over in places which weighed it down and made it lose its stick here and there. When coming out the bathroom my partner also said i looked like Hannibal Lecter, every girls dream! Something that i loved about this mask is that you could really feel it working, the 5-10 minutes you have it on your face you really feel like it was worth it, I felt like it was really getting deep into my pores and evacuating any dirt clogging them up. BE GONE.

When you take the mask off you gently massage any of the access lotion from the mask that’s left into your skin, splash with cold water and pat dry. Now unlike the mud mask my spots didn’t appear much smaller or less angry, which kind of left me a little disheartened, i got three packs after all. But on a closer look my pores looked the best I’ve seen them in a long time! Normally my  T-Zone is absolutely ridden in clogged pores and it takes me far too long than I’d like to admit to get them looking clean and fresh. To have this done in ten minutes is absolutely amazing to me, what a hidden little gem! My skin also feels so clean overall, so so clean, it has a radiance about it as well that on a Sunday i normally lack haha!  This mask along side my Dead Sea Mud mask will work wonders fighting both my pores and my spots. 11021240_355763364608665_9387056694611000_n

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One response to “Superdrugs ‘5 MINUTE Fabric Facial’

  1. I may have to try these masks you’ve talked about. I’m always on the hunt to find something to minimise my spots lately i’ve just been using savlon x
    han // emandhan xo


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