The Go To Dry Shampoo’s

As far as washing my hair goes, you could say I’m pretty gross. If I don’t need to I wont and so I’ve tried my fair share of Dry Shampoos. Whoever created this gorgeous little formula deserves the world, it’s such a life saviour. It transforms me from looking ridiculously bad to averagely presentable on days when there seems to be no hope for my hair, and no time to do anything about it.

16516_354558498062485_459580050811313208_nThe Ultimate Clean – When it comes to your hair feeling completely clean and refreshed Batiste has it on point. It doesn’t matter how badly my hair needs a wash (yummy) this always makes me look presentable. They have a wide range of different scents and i have gone through them all but this one leaves my hair in a gorgeous beach-like texture too which is an absolute winner for me. Who doesn’t want to be a beach babe?

kimThe Volume Boost – Plump It up by VO5 is where i go when i need a little bit of extra oomph for a night out or a meal. Most the time when i use this my hair isn’t even in need of a dry shampoo, but the volume i get from this is great so i turn to it more for that than a general clean. Although the fact that is does both is just fab!

10428541_354558544729147_6591817804608634803_nThe Luxury All Day Smell – Herbal Essences has always been known for their intense but amazing smelling products, this is no exception. I find that after using this  i get whiffs of my hair all day long! Even if my hair doesn’t look completely clean it smells amazing,  unfortunately with this i find it doesn’t work as well for the general clean like the Batiste range. Don’t get me wrong though, it does work, just not to the extent i always need it. However after using the Batiste Dry Shampoo I normally give this a quick spray over the top so it smells gorgeous as well as looks gorgeous.

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8 responses to “The Go To Dry Shampoo’s

  1. I love the Batiste dry shampoo, always great when you’re in a rush 😃


  2. I am equally lazy when it comes to washing my hair.. It’s such a pain I just hate doing it!! I’ve only tried Batiste dry shampoo, I definitely need to venture out into more brands! x


    • It really is the bane of a woman’s life! Having to wait for you hair to dry is such a pain, with or without heat haha!

      (I know men have long hair too but I refuse to accept men can have better hair than me so they are ignored here haha) xxx


  3. I’ve been wanting a dry shampoo and the VO5 one sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing!


  4. The Batiste one is my fave! I hate washing my hair as it’s so thick the whole process can take hours and I don’t always have the time. The COLAB is a great one too.

    Roxie ♥


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