8 Things I’d Do If ‘The Purge’ Was Real.

Now I don’t know about you but i’m rather disappointed that the only thing people seem to want to do in the purge is kill other people, COME ON CRIME IS LEGAL. Personally I would use my time a lot wiser, because well, I’m not really into killing to be frank.


1. Update My Wardrobe. I would go into every clothing store that i love, Topshop, Primark, River Island, Next, EVERYWHERE and take as much as i could. I’d rent a van and just completely ram it full.

2. Take Animals From People Who Don’t Deserve Them. Any other day this would be theft, but oh no not today. There are so many people who mistreat animals and it would be my mission to go and remove each and every one of them from that enviroment. (I would also probably have to steal peoples garden space on the street to set up their kennels and play space)

3. Go And Steal The KFC Recipe. Every time i go into KFC the little smug old man painted on the wall has the words ‘secret recipe’ next to him. Won’t be so secret soon and then lets see how smug you are! Ohhhh the chickenny-goodness!

4. Update My Make-up Bag. Girrrrrrl I would be looking like a model for the next year and wouldn’t need to get anything else until the next purge! Even then it could be out of being greedy than actually needing it! Every item of make-up sold on the high street will also be stuffed into my rented van, obviously after I’ve dropped off all my clothing goods at home.

5. One Word, Nutella. 

6. I’d Probably Move. I have a bit of an addiction with Zoopla, i don’t know why i do it to myself but i spend hours looking at properties i’ll never be able to afford. I’d definitely steal the papers, sign that little bad boy and make it look like it’s legit been paid already in full. HELLO LUXURY.

7. Rob A Bank. This one is completely obvious, I’m definitely going to take advantage of my bad money situation and give myself a big pay packet. Why the hell wouldn’t i!

8. Adopt The Lifestyle Of a Possum. For the rest of the night, you know after i’ve turned into superwoman and somehow managed to do all of these crimes, i’d become possum-like. I would lay on the floor, looking dead, acting dead, being at one with being dead and hope people actually believed i was dead so they didn’t kill me.

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9 responses to “8 Things I’d Do If ‘The Purge’ Was Real.

  1. I have to admit I would do the same! Me and my friends always have this conversation, and I’m dead boring like, oh I would do and raid all the beauty counters! Why wouldn’t you take that opportunity?!



  2. Great post Kim. I just recently saw the purge, and I would do the same as you. I would do everything just for self gain haha. Really fun post to read, thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. OMG I loved this! We should join forces if there is ever a purge and get double the thievery and animal rescue on 😉


  4. I’m with you all the way on # 2 … and then rest too! (Damn Nutella😉!!!) xoxo


  5. Haha. Fantastic. Yeah there are much more fun crimes than murder. I would happily join you pillaging all the shops and animal stealing but I think I weeks be too scared about being killed that I’d lock myself away and remain in possum or fainting goat mode.


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