5 Ways To Get Past Bloggers Block.



Grab a notepad and pen and go old school. It’s no secret that many people have replaced writing with typing, I myself am guilty of this at times. But there is something magical that happens when you put the laptop down, turn away from technology and just plainly write. Your brains suddenly seems to wake up, my most creative posts have come through mind-mapping or jotting down ideas and developing them on paper. On that note as well, keep a notepad with you as much as you can, your ideas will come at the most random and spontaneous of times so jot them down as soon as you think of them. 

Take a step back. The blogging world is over whelming at the best of times. There is a lot of pressure to post daily and keep on top of it but if you’ve not got anything to write about don’t force it. Take a step back and leave your blog for a couple of days, you’ll find when you come back to it you will have a fresh clear mind and ideas will come to easier.

Get out. Technology is pretty much the center of everyone’s  life now. If you’re not on your phone it’s the laptop and whilst doing either of these you’re probably binge watching TV too. I’m looking at you you fellow Netflixers. Go out and get yourself in the fresh air, visit places, inspiration will hit you more when you’re out and about doing new things or just plainly going for a walk.

Read other blogs. A lot of my inspiration hits when i’m reading other peoples blogs, by no means copy someones content (that’s just not cool), but you may find reading someone’s post triggers something in your brain that makes you think of something else entirely. Maybe you’ll read someone’s post and have the opposite opinion, maybe they briefly touch on a subject you know a lot about or perhaps just a picture makes you think of something else.

Write whatever the hell you like. Recently I’ve seen  lot of hoohaa about what people write on their blog. Pretty much everybody I know started their blog for themselves rather than anyone else so don’t let somebody change that. If you have an idea in your head write about it, whether somebody else thinks it ‘fits in’ with your theme or not. If you’re passionate about it then write it, don’t push aside good ideas and try to think of something you think you should write rather than something that you want too.

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8 responses to “5 Ways To Get Past Bloggers Block.

  1. Damn. This is really good. 🙂


  2. These are great tips Kim, thanks for sharing these, I’m currently going through bloggers block, have been for a while! I will be try these tips out 🙂


  3. a pen and a paper is always what I use. It’s what makes me feel what I am writing.


  4. Zlatka Kramaric

    Love this tips! 🙂


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