Little Wet Noses & Clumsy Baby Paws.

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Puppies puppies and more puppies, i’m pretty sure it’s a fact that you can’t be sad around puppies. Just look at their little faces! A quick cuddle of them will sort out your day and make you forget everything. They’re Frazer’s mums border terrier’s puppies and sadly they are all starting to leave one by one to their new homes! One is staying with Frazer’s sister, so at least there will still be one we all get to see!

Quick post because the pictures are too cute to overshadow with words. Have a great Tuesday!

untitled (1)


8 responses to “Little Wet Noses & Clumsy Baby Paws.

  1. Aw puppiessss!!! ❤


  2. So much cuteness! Definitely made me smile this morning.


  3. Awwwww!!! So adorable! Reminds me of when Sheldon was this size. So freakin cute 😛


    • They’re lovely aren’t they! I can’t remember when poppy was that small, she was born the size of a average sized dog i swear haha! Absolute beast, after seeing those though definitely wanted a smaller one:(! had to fight myself to not nab one ha xx


  4. Sheldon grew up way to fast for me so I don’t remember much either. He should have stayed teeny-tiny at least for a year. Then he could grow as much as he wanted!


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