Fun and Easy Nails.

If there is one thing the UK is great for it’s their budget friendly make-up that isn’t leaving you with anything less than great quality. Essence is a brand from Germany that is relatively new to the UK, arriving only last year, but it’s definitely making it’s mark! Super affordable prices with a wide variety of products to choose from and the product itself has always been for me, good quality. These nail varnishes are onlyΒ£1.99, ONE POUND NINETY FLIPPING NINE. That Β to me is absolutely amazing, means i can buy and experiment with lots of new colors without breaking the bank! Yay.

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So I am not one who takes ages on their nails, with my job they become chipped within hours and it’s all pretty pointless! But this takes literally just over five minutes to achieve and you are left looking like you’ve made some effort. It’s also fab because if like me your job is very hands on, if you do get a chip it is so much less noticeable. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

  • Start off with applying your clear base/top coat.
  • Grab a bobby pin, (for me i just walked around staring at the floor in the living room because they’re always everywhere in this house) and pour a small amount of the blue nail varnish onto a piece of cotton or paper, or whatever you have that it wont seep through. Dab the bobby pin into the blue nail varnish and dot around your nails.
  • Repeat the same process but this time with a cotton bud, this will make the orange dots larger than the blue.
  • Finish off by applying your clear base/top coat.
  • And there you have it, fun looking nails with enough time left over to show them off to the world.

Have a great Sunday guys!

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4 responses to “Fun and Easy Nails.

  1. Very pretty colors! πŸ’…


  2. This is so cute! I used to do more with my nails, but since I had my son, they’re lucky if they see nail polish at all most weeks! Something like this looks right up my alley, it looks like a lot more effort went into it!



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