If I Can’t See My Feet, That Water Is Too Deep.

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If there is something I love about having a dog its the excuse to get out the house on the days when you have nothing planned. Time to get out and get some fresh air flowing through my lungs, let my brain turn off from my blog, social media and Netflix. Recently I’ve been working on Poppy becoming more confident around water, she absolutely love puddles and she will run through them all day quite happily. Streams, her favourite, like this one the ones around here aren’t very deep and that’s just how she likes it. As soon as her feet can’t touch the ground she darts for solid ground. I’ve not had a dog that wasn’t a big water baby and i can’t help but want her to be one too! I love seeing the enjoyment on dogs faces as they storm through the water and in the summer it’s an amazing way to keep them cool whilst having fun. She’s definitely becoming more curious about deeper parts of this stream but as of yet she sticks to the shallows.

untitled (1)


One response to “If I Can’t See My Feet, That Water Is Too Deep.

  1. Awww what a precious dog! My dog is like yours, he loves water, but only shallow water! He will happily jump into small creeks and streams, but anything deeper and he doesn’t like it! What a lovely post πŸ™‚


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