The Weekly Round Up #6


1. Getting Back In The Game.

Why is it so ridiculously hard to get back into fitness?! Better question, why the hell did i stop just for me to start all over again from scratch?! If i kept at it i would be so healthy right now! But of course i didn’t, i let Netflix and biscuits win. I’ve jumped in head first though with my pup by my side and my fiance by my side in the gym! I have found the perfect running partner in poppy, i did a post about it hereΒ .


2. Hello Tweeting Bloggers.

I must say, i have been a user of twitter for yeaaars now. I’ve always much preferred it over Facebook. Yet it’s only recently that i’ve used to get involved into the blogging chats and talk to fellow bloggers and i must say, you’re all a bit bloody dandy aren’t you! Such a lovely bunch of people. Give yourself a pat on the back for being decent human beings! haha


3. Trying new things.

When it comes to my hair i always go for my signature curly locks. No matter what, Recently though i’ve been trying to make it a little bit different and i must say i am in love with this look. Ok so it’s only showing half here so you’re not getting the full effect of this hairstyle. It’s two buns on my head looking rather sweet. Takes me literally two minutes to achieve and looks like you’ve put effort in still! Perrrfeeect!


4. New Goodies.Β 

This week I was lucky enough to be asked if i would like to review some items from Flamingo Gifts, obviously i said YESSSS! In the selection of items i asked for was this gorgeous fox cushion. It was initially for me but it seems poppy has rather took a liking to it. How sweet does she look with it though?! She’s too gorgeous! See what other gorgeous items i got here.

Something that made me smile this week


Have a great weekend guys!

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