Say Hello To Flamingo Gifts.

I can’t tell you how excited i was this morning to have a parcel arrive at my door and it be from Flamingo Gifts, if you’ve not heard of them you’re missing out. A quick browse through their website will make a dent in your bank account and leave your house full of new pretty items, they have everything from novelty gifts to jewellery and home items. When i was contacted by Laura and asked if i wanted to pick some of their items to review and of course i jumped at the chance, you’ll soon see why!


I’ve had my eye on this Fox Cushion for a while now, i love the patchwork design and that it is so beautifully handmade. It comes in brown too which I’m going to have to purchase on payday, it looks beautiful in my conservatory!

IMG_7294This hip flask has got me written all over it and not just because it says awesome haha! Toot Toot (for any confusion, that’s me tooting my horn, no shame). If i was to carry around a hip flask normally people may judge, but with this one i feel like they’d be too busy thinking it looks cute with it’s fun design to realise what i even have in there! Winner Winner.

IMG_7282IMG_7284Can  you see a theme here? I’d be lying if i said i didn’t instantly love anything animal themed. Stags are still taking the nation by storm, they’re the perfect mixture of rustic and modern and i can’t see them going anywhere soon! This Stag Pendant is a perfect addition to my collection.

IMG_7323IMG_7335 This Granite Hedgehog Scarf is so beautifully soft! I put it on to take this picture with the mindset that it will then be taken off and put back on when i walk to work, here it is, still on my neck, too cosy! Probably wont feel it’s benefits now when i walk to work though, wow, did i just say that?! It’s true what they say, you will turn into your mother. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

IMG_7359Last of all i also got these two lovely jewellery storage pieces, in animal theme of course, a Robin Earring Stand and an Elephant Ring Holder. It can’t just be me who loses earrings pretty much as soon as they are taken out of their ears? Or ear Lobes, i don’t keep them in my ears haha! I’m such an awful example of a girl so this is perfect for me. I might finally be able to keep them to wear a second time! I don’t think that’s too much to ask for! IMG_7361I don’t own loads of rings because my fingers are too small to keep them on normally but since getting engaged i obviously wear one! It’s too pretty for me to wear during doing the pots or a hot bath because i’m worried about damaging it. I’m a bit anal about it really, but now i have such a gorgeoous little elephant to look after it for me whilst i get on with my chores!

I can’t tell you how well made these all are, they’re all beautifully put together and I love how down to earth the whole team are! Find them on their website, their twitter, facebook and instagram.

Have a great day guys!

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18 responses to “Say Hello To Flamingo Gifts.

  1. Omg, that hedgehog scarf is absolutely amazing! I just want to wrap myself in like 20 of them!


  2. That ring holder is so cute!


  3. the hair & the heart

    Adorable! My fave is the fox cushion. 🙂


  4. Hey I nominated you for one lovely blog hop! You don’t have to do it, but if you want to, there are details in my last blog post!


  5. Ooooh the scarf… the scarf!!!!!! I’m obsessed. So so pretty – such beautiful things 🙂 Karen xo


  6. O wow some fab items you got here, that cushion is the cutest! and love the hedgehog scarf!


  7. The elephant ring holder and the necklace are too too cute! 😄


  8. These things are so cute! Especially the hip flask, even thought I don’t drink at all. But you actually gave me an idea to try something. People are always bothering me why I don’t drink, so next time I go to some party, I can put some juice in hip flask and no one is going to bother me! Plus it is so pretty 😀


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