The Perfect Running Partner.

Warning: These pictures were taken after a sweaty betty run. Please browse with caution. Sights once seen can not be unseen. 


I don’t think she’ll ever grow out of sitting on my knee like this. It was fine when she was a puppy but now whenever i’m sat on the floor she HAS to be sat on my knee. My poor legs, you’re not a Chihuahua poppy-dog!!

I have a very yo-yo relationship with running, as most of you know. When it comes to weight training at the gym i’m all over that like i would be all over a big chocolate cake, and that shit’s intense. But when it comes to running i find it hard to get motivated, i haven’t been able to take poppy because she’s still quite young and i didn’t want to damage her little growing bones. But finally she’s fully grown so now was time to try it! I must say, I’ve never had so much fun on a run! I popped her harness and her lead on and off we went, it was great. She would go ahead of me and when i was feeling like i was hitting a brick wall and couldn’t go on, a simple ‘come on girl’ to pops and she would go faster and almost pull me past the blockage.To passers by i must of looked absolutely off my head, smiling whilst running, WHAT IS ALL THAT ABOUT?! I just couldn’t help it, the frequent turns of her head with her tongue sticking out staring back at me to make sure i was still there was so cute. She’s such a lovely dog. Now however, she’s on the sofa next to me looking absolutely horrified about what has just happened! Oh if only she knew it was happening all again tomorrow! If you need that little bit of motivation and you have a dog who’s able to run, take them! Honestly the best thing Ive done, can see it being a game changer.

Have a great Monday guys!

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11 responses to “The Perfect Running Partner.

  1. Awww she looks so cute! Lucky you having such a dashing partner in crime!


  2. Loved this post! It reminded me how I used to take my dog with me for a run before I went to Uni. Anyway, she is sooooo cute and I bet she enjoyed it as well! XXX


  3. Great photos, she looks so happy!


  4. How do you still manage to look like a superstar even after a run?! So pretty!
    And it’s amazing how Poppy sits on your knee as my dog does too!!! Literally every time we stop somewhere to wait on someone or something I have to crouch down for him to sit on my knee – he ain’t getting no cold bum! haha

    Love how much fun it’s sounds like you had and a great way to exercise her too!



    • Aw thank you that’s really sweet! Although i can assure you i didn’t feel pretty haha!
      It’s so funny isn’t it that they do that! I can’t help but laugh, they think they’re people! “I must have a seat, what do you think i am…a dog?!” haha

      It really was fun! Which i’m surprised about because i’m not a natural runner. My body fights against it with every inch. She had loads of fun though:) Taking her again in an hour because she’s going absolutely crazy!



  5. Your dog is so beautiful!!! My parents have a German Shepard mix that wants to sit on your lap like a small dog too. 🙂 I have to say I am the opposite. I’m all over running like being all over a chocolate cake! lol! It’s the training like lifting that I could never get into. I agree that you look awesome even after running. I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.


    • Thank you! (just realised i always say thank you when someone compliments my dog, i feel proud every time haha). Haha that’s hilarious! Must be big dog syndrome, they all want to be little! Oh really? I used to hate weight lifting but i think because my fiance does it it’s more fun, once i got into it i got really into it! I would love to be more into running though! Trying to drag myself to go at eight but its sooo hard haha! Aw thank you, that’s one compliment i never thought i’d get hahaah! Although i swear i looked much worse in person, the camera has given the illusion of fresh faced, not out of breath and not keeling over kim, when in reality it was the opposite! Aw thank you sweetie that’s really kind will check it out now! I don’t tend to do blog awards but i will sure give you a mention on my twitter and it really is appreciatted all the same! xxx


  6. wish I had a dog to go for runs with but I don’t 😦 and im not allowed to. but my uncle does! Two baby huslies they’re the cutest things you’d ever lay your eyes on


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