The Weekly Round Up #5


1. The Difficulties Of Short Hair.

Finally i’ve found a new hair style that takes about 5 minutes, is super cute and actually works for short hair! WOWZERS. It’s so pretty and leaves me feeling satisfied all day that i haven’t had to use any heat on anything other than the front two pieces. My hair will definitely thank me for this! To see the tutorial look here 

2. Work.

So recently I’ve had to ram a lot of my holiday in at work. I forget about it and then suddenly i’m having massive chunks off at a time, awesome whilst i’m off but once i’m back it feels like i’m in sloth form. Everything goes slower and it’s like I’ve lost the ability to even count money correctly! I do however get to wear my gorgeous new work shoes, one of the benefits of working in a shoe shop is your feet always look damn hot.


3. Exhaustion. 

My body clock has been a little, well a lot messed up recently. I feel like i can never sleep at night so i’m just left playing endlessly on Candy Crush Soda (i’m on level 140 and there is only a tiny amount of shame) and staring into thin air. I end up wanting to keep Frazer awake with me because my mind starts going into over drive, the other night just as he was falling asleep i asked him what he would do if ants patrolled the streets at night. Like all the little ants got together and made bigger ants, think transformers, and are in police outfits and walk around being angry and stuff keeping us safe. Safe to say he went to sleep….i was left with this thought for a long time. So anyway, I’ve been setting my alarm for a lot earlier than normal in aid to make me sleepy at night time. Instead i still can’t sleep at night and slowly those extra hours of sleep lost are creeping up on me, nightmare! If you have any tricks pleaaase let me know, at this point i’ll try anything! Ish.

dwayne-johnson- leg workout veins muscle mass raw testosterone the rock huge steroids hgh roid rage bulk up jacked jakked swole wwe smackdown jabroni fitness Scorpion King Miami

4. Dwayne Johnson.

This man is old enough to be my dad, quite literally. He’s older than my mum actually but oh my, i love him. This picture keeps popping up on my pictures on my phone and i can’t not post it because it’s all i can think about! I love him. Do you love him? IF YOU DO BACK OFF. Thank you that is all.


5. Valentines Shmalentines. 

I’m not a fan of Valentines and never have been. Not because of any fairy-tale love gone wrong, plainly because pancake day is a couple of days after which totally over shadows Valentines day and i don’t like the overly gooey stuff. I mean i like it, i just don’t like it when it’s forced. Let’s be honest, anything that is said or bought for someone on Valentines day is completely generic and i’m not one for that. I prefer to be surprised and told i’m loved randomly and spontaneously, when he wants to not when he’s told to. But that’s just me, if this was Christmas i would be scrooge. However it’s not Christmas and if it was i wouldn’t be scrooge because i loveee Christmas. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, engaged, with someone, sharing it with friends, your family, your boyfriend, or your pet, i hope you had a great day! If you didn’t it’s no longer Valentines day, do you know what that means?! LOADS OF DISCOUNTED CHOCOLATE! Get yourself out there and eat your sorrows! haha.

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