The MUA Mosaic Bronzer.

I have this absolutely fantastic ability to look so pale i look ill. I live in Britain where you get a few days of summer a year so what do i expect really? For those who have got some natural glow to them this bronzer would probably act as more of a blusher, but on my pale complexion it’s the perfect budget bronzer. I use the ‘Natural Glow’ shade and unlike other bronzers there is a fusion of colours which when blended leave a gorgeous natural glow that isn’t too overpowering. I would say it’s definitely a bronzer you need to build up, which for me is perfect because as i say being so pale if it was really obvious i would look rather dashing, so being able to build it to the desired look i want is perfect for me.


Did you notice i said it was budget friendly? Mhmm, i wasn’t joking. Coming in at only £2.50 on the MUA website it’s an absolute steal and the perfect bronzer for someone who hasn’t tried one before and doesn’t want to splurge. I have quite a few bronzers but this is by far the cheapest I’ve ever come across that is of such good quality. The clear packaging so you can see the fusion of colours is so appealing to the eye and the clasp (is it called a clasp? I think so, i’m going to  go with it anyway) firmly stays in place too. So there’s none of that messy business whilst the product knocks about in your make-up bag.


The bronzer has a slight shimmer to it (which you would be able to see visibly  before i got it wet by accident and made it a bit bumpy, hello butter fingers) but it’s nothing too much. It doesn’t accentuate pores or imperfections at all which for me is great as…i have every bodies fair share of those i think! If you’re looking for a budget bronzer or just want to try a new one, i would definitely recommend this! For the price you can’t really go wrong, although i will say everyone i’ve seen who’s worn this have all looked completely different. With the bronzer being a mixture of colours certain colours take to peoples skin differently, some love it, some hate it.


If you would love to try this product you can buy it here, or you can pick it up in your local Superdrug or Boots.




8 responses to “The MUA Mosaic Bronzer.

  1. For the price I’d be really up for giving this a go – so intrigued by the colour mix. Looks gorgeous on you Kim, great pic 🙂 X


    • It’s so worth a go for the price even if it isn’t right for you. Their prices are so amazing, highest price of anything is like £8! Crazy! thank you sweetie! Definitely makes me feel and look a little less pale! x

      Liked by 1 person

      • Can’t wait to try it Kim – I’ve got a few of their products here and I must say they’ve impressed me so far!!! What’s to loose eh? Must update you once I give it a go 🙂 X


  2. Ooooh I might have to give this a go! Its strange because it really doesn’t look like a bronzer! x


  3. I love bronzer, for me it’s an everyday essential & this one looks amazing for the affordable price! I’ll definitely be swatching this when I’m next in Boots or Superdrug! Great review 🙂

    Alice from Alice Grace Beauty



  4. This bronzer is gorgeous on you! Must try for sure!


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