Valentines Gifts For Him.

Men can be pesky little buggers to buy for. Give me a woman and i’m all for it, i know what women like, i mean i am one! Men, men are so hard. They are so unenthusiastic about evveeeerrrything and when you buy a present you want a reaction right?! That is what i struggle with, Frazer might like a present but it takes a lot to get an excited reaction from him. His Xbox One for christmas hit the spot, but it’s rare i’d spend that much!


1 & 2


4 & 5



Any chance he comes with the dressing gown? No? I don’t know if i’m that bothered about the dressing gown anymore. I’m not sure what my decision to put this on here was based on. But i’m not ashamed, enjoy ladies, you’re welcome.Β 


7 & 8

And that’s everything from me for the Valentines posts, hope you all have a fab day if you’re celebrating. And if you’re single and you’re feeling down in the jumps, valentines chocolate will all be discounted on valentines day to get rid of it. TAKE ADVANTAGE. I definitely would.



4 responses to “Valentines Gifts For Him.

  1. Great gift ideas! But if all else fails… BEER AND PIZZA. πŸ˜‰


    • Beer and pizza is always a winner! However, they’re never not a part of my kitchen so i don’t know how well that would go down haha! We don’t celebrate valentines day though, i’m a bit of a scrooge! So it’s going to more than likely be that haha! xx


  2. Hahaha I got my husband the xbox one for Christmas too! Great Vday recs πŸ™‚


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