I Love You More Than Kanye Loves Kanye.

So this year there has been a shift in the way Valentines day is looked at, in my opinion for the best! The soppiness seems to be set aside and instead a whole load of humour has took it’s place! Of course there is still all the lovey-dovey stuff there and that’s great for those who like that but this, this is my cup of tea.It says ‘I love you’ just the same.


 1  & 2


3 & 4


5 & 6


7 & 8


9 & 10


11 & 12 

These were all from Etsy and I would completely recommend using them if you don’t already, you get such unique items and the service is always great because you’re working with a person not a company that doesn’t care about you as such.



5 responses to “I Love You More Than Kanye Loves Kanye.

  1. I love the second and fifth ones!


  2. haha these are funny. i’ve seen that kanye thing all over yik yak and tumblr haha.


  3. i love the second one! 🙂 i would love it if you could check out my blog sometime x


  4. Hehe. These are cute!


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