Revlon Photoready Concealer.


I absolutely love the Revlon Photoready range, it’s all so gorgeous on and so easy to apply. So when i ran out of my trusty old ‘Lasting Perfection’ concealer by Collection and i saw this i knew i had to snatch it up. It’s by no means a new product but the goldie oldies are sometimes the best. I purchased the concealer in ‘Light 002’ and you can buy it from SuperdrugΒ  here. The packaging is really neat and compact making it easy for you to carry around with you wherever you go, which for me is a super plus because i don’t carry my makeup around with me all day, it’s just too much. I do however carry my compact powder because it’s easy and now this will be joining it in my handbag pocket.


One thing that i love about the range is that most their products such as their Primer and this concealer that i use have SPF 20 in, so you’re looking after your skin all whilst feeling and looking great, bonus! This concealer is super creamy and with it being in stick form the application is quick and easy and you’re not left with any unwanted excess. I have found it is fab for camouflaging those under eye bags and blemishes, however it does have a slight shimmer to it. It’s not something you can notice unless somebody is really up close and personal in your space but it’s definitely there, personally i love it, i think it gives me a sort of magical look. A little sparkle never hurt anybody right!


Another benefit of this concealer is that it blends really well, it doesn’t settle into any fine lines or creases leaving you with a flawless finish. It may not have heavy duty coverage like some but i quite like that, i prefer the more natural look and it doesn’t leave you looking cakey at all like they sometimes can.


It’s super affordable and can be found in most beauty stores and i would completely recommend picking one up if you get the chance. Have a great weekend guys,



6 responses to “Revlon Photoready Concealer.

  1. When you use concealer, to you not apply mascara to lower lashes? The few times I’ve tried using some I get black smudges where the mascara seeps into the concealer :/


  2. This sounds great, I’m always looking for new concealers.


  3. I’ve never tried this one, I always see it at the drugstore but never caught my attention. Gorgeous pictures by the way.


    • To be honest the only reason it caught mine is because I use the other products so went out of my own way to find some more of their products! thank you sweetie, slowly getting there with the whole product photography side of things haha! xx

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