Valentines Gifts For Her.

Valentines is getting closer and closer, personally we don’t celebrate valentines day. We’re all about pancake day in this household! I just don’t believe in it, yes it’s nice to show your appreciation for one another but there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t do that anyway so we don’t make a big deal out of it. It doesn’t mean i can’t have a little nosey though at what there is about and I’ve found so many lovely little gifts that i might have to treat myself too at some point, valentines day or not and i thought it might be helpful for others who do celebrate it on their present hunting travels!


1. This made me smile, ridiculously. I always joke with whoever i’m with about saving them my last Rolo, i say joke because they’re never going to get it. That chocolate is mine! ALL MINE! This one definitely wouldn’t get given away either, that Rolo is made out of gold, my precccciiiousss. I have seen this wine glass bottle in a few places for a while now and every time i do i give myself a little nod like ‘yes Kim, that was made with you in mind’ but I’ve never got round to buying it! Perfect for those who may as well drink out the bottle!



3. Antlers, i’m all for antlers. They are so different and whenever i see one they instantly catch my eye! In my opinion, that’s just how jewelry should be, something that people take a second glance at to adore! 4. Carrying on from the theme of jewelry catching my eye this also did! It looks likeit would probably be a lot daintier that it seems in the picture but so cute as a signature piece with sentiment behind it!


5. Ever since Monty the Penguin from the John Lewis advert came into my life suddenly there is a space in my heart just for penguins. My heart also has a space for statement homeware items. I don’t like my home to be matchy matchy, i like my items to have character and stand out from the others around and this is just perfect! (Can Personalize) 6. I’m an absolute sucker for little puns like this, if i could my house would be full of them but money and my fiances obviously don’t find them as funny as me, as i’m yet to have as many as i would like.

I’m now in the mood for Valentines Day, funny seeing as it will just be a normal day for me! I have to say though i keep absolutely howling at some of the funny and slightly dark humored cards that are floating around this year! Keep your eyes peeled for a post on my favorites of them and of course a ‘Valentines Gifts For Him’ post! Have a great day sweeties!



6 responses to “Valentines Gifts For Her.

  1. These are awesome ideas Kim – looking forward to some inspiration in your next ‘For Him’ post!! 😀 Karen X


  2. Jamie Salazar Carbon

    I nominated you for versatile blogger. Follow rules here:


  3. That wine glass is too hysterical. I love it!


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