Shame On You.

Something has really been bugging me for  while now, i’ve noticed it’s bugging a lot of other people too. I’ve kept my mouth (and fingertips) shut for a long time but the issue just isn’t going away. For years people overweight have been a part of ‘fat shaming’, the blunt of a joke and teased maliciously by some people. You would of thought they would never want to put on someone else, the feeling i can probably guess they have when somebody makes a comment about their weight that is isn’t needed and definitely isn’t kind. Yet, in 2014 we had a new body type to ‘shame’, suddenly if you’re underweight or you look underweight you are the new target. Surprisingly by a lot of the curvier people of the world. Who are you to tease somebody else for how they look?! If you’re overweight or underweight to the point where it is affecting your health then it should be something you want to sort, but it shouldn’t be everybody else’s business. Nothing  is worse than trying to lose or put on weight feeling like you’re being monitored by someone, someone is there watching you fail (because most people do to begin with it’s natural) and watching you struggle. I don’t think when people see people who are over/underweight that they think about a medical issue or a mental state that could be causing then to be that way. They just see the person as they are in that moment and unfortunately people in this world are cruel. If you are really bothered about somebody’s weight which lets be honest as I’ve said before it’s none of your business, putting them down about it definitely isn’t going to help them if an issue is there. It’s just going to make them feel worse about themselves which could result in them taking extreme measures to change the way they look. Unhealthy. Measures.

It sickens me that ‘celebritites’, knowing that they are role models fat and skinny shame. For instance Meghan Trainors -All About That Bass song is stupidly catchy, but it’s so catchy that everybodddyyyyy is singing it. It’s great that she’s singing for the curvier girls, but don’t then put down the ‘size 2’s’ in your mission to make the curvier feel great about themselves. It’s a never ending circle that way because somebody will just fight back to your body shape.

Basically, it needs to stop. If you’re skinny or fat shaming the only person you’re shaming is yourself. And i hope one day you don’t know somebody close, or you yourself aren’t the blunt of these jokes. I don’t even think i can call them a ‘joke’ because it’s not relatively funny. Just think before you laugh at somebody. There is a lot of people out there who when there is a case of somebody taking their life over bullying in the paper  jump to the victims defense. “Bullying is wrong in every way, you’re sick if you bully people” “Hope the bullies feel good about themselves, they have to live with this for the rest of their lives, it’s so wrong, poor boy/girl” Etc. Yet a lot of these people jump on the bandwagon of laughing at a celebrities body if something isn’t perfect and airbrushed like we’re used to, laughing at people over weight in the street and joining in commenting on how ‘wrong’ somebody underweight looks in a picture. I admit it’s easy to do these days now that the internet is a huge part in our worlds, you type something and within seconds it’s done and there’s not really been a second thought about it. You don’t think that the person in that picture you’re laughing at would ever see your comment and so why not join in? Imagine if they did. Would you say it to their face with the other 1,000 people and feel just as fine about it like it’s nothing? I very much doubt it.



6 responses to “Shame On You.

  1. I really agree with this! I feel that there will always be some sort of shaming in society no matter what and it sucks. I really hope that one day people of all different shapes and sizes will be appreciated and loved. No-one should feel bad because of the way they look, that’s ridiculous! This was a great post though Kim, you’ve made some really valid and important points! ❤


    • There always will unfortunately and I think it’s awful! Exactly no one should feel bad about how they look! Only time someone should be concerned is if their health is involved but still who is anyone else to comment. Makes me really sad! Thank you sweetie glad you enjoyed the post just had to get it off my chest, my fiancé has had enough of me ranting to him I think Haha! ❤

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  2. Zlatka Kramaric

    Great post! 🙂


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