4 Top Tips For Sticking At Fitness.

I did it, I finally did it, I got myself back in the gym today! I used to go with my fiancé but he does this absolutely awful thing where when he finally gets looking amazing and can find it like second nature, he quits, logic?! You can imagine how I felt when he quit because I was also at the stage where I was starting to reap the benefits. When he suggested we went again I said no for a long time, the thought of feeling good about myself to have it taken away was awful, (Because with the weights I do I need to be spotted so can’t go by myself) but finally I gave in and I must say, I feel great for it. It’s only been one session and I’m already rekindling my love for the aches afterwards and the satisfaction that comes with it. It is super hard to get yourself up and out though if it’s new to you or you’ve had a long break, but there are many things that can help that motivation soar!


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Buy some new gym gear.

There’s nothing worse than going to the gym or going for a jog and feeling self conscious before you’ve even stepped out the house. Invest in some workout clothes that make you feel amazing, that way you’re more likely to get yourself out there. Let’s be honest, it’s quite scary going for a jog and knowing people are going to be looking at you, when you’re probably not looking your best. But at least you’ll feel it even after you’ve got all sweaty. Something so simply I’ve found can make such a difference. Now if only I could make my face refrain from going bright red and pulling all kinds of offensive faces?! We can’t have everything eh!


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Get A Workout Partner.

We all have those down days, where we would much rather do anything than get out there and do some exercise. Having someone join you and do the journey together makes it so much more enjoyable. Whether it be your partner, your friend or a member of the family, having someone to encourage you on days when you’re not feeling up to it and you encouraging them on days that they’re not up to it is just that little push you need sometimes. It has been known to make couples stronger and friendships bloom as you’re both going on a journey together, helping each other and both feeling great. My fiancé happily goes to the gym to me, but he won’t go on a jog with me, it’s just not his thing. So why not take your pooch? I know my dog loves it and when you’re feeling worn out they can basically drag you home, brilliant haha!


 Sources 5 & 6

You don’t have to do everything at once.

Personally it’s the diet side of things that I fail at, and badly. If you suddenly cut out everything you’re likely to indulge often and not reap the benefits of the other hard work you’re putting in. Start off by just exercise or just a diet to begin with then gently work the other one in. But when it comes to a diet don’t cut out everything you love. There are still healthy ways to have that sweet treat you need, yes I said need, with me it is a NEED not a want. A bad meal now and again also isn’t going to revert all the hard work you’ve done, so if you have a one, sod it. Don’t let it then put you off because you feel like it was all for nothing, pick yourself up and carry on.

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Sources 7 & 8

Don’t expect results overnight.

We don’t put weight on overnight, although it bloody feels like it sometimes, so don’t expect to become the next Dwayne Johnson over night either. (Oh I love that man, so much, maybe too much? No it can never be too much. Mmm I of course had to have a picture of him on here somewhere, it’s only fair for our eyes) I am guilty of being impatient when it comes to results showing. I want it to happen there and then, do a gym session and I’m searching for my six pack wondering where I went wrong?! In reality it takes a lot longer, 12 weeks on average for results to be seen. sadface.


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5 responses to “4 Top Tips For Sticking At Fitness.

  1. Thank you, I really need motivation!


  2. Great post. Definitely agree with all of them and placing an order with Fabletics this week to get some new gear! X


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