Weekly Round Up #3


1. Time With My Girl.

So apparently it’s time for poppy to lose her ‘puppy coat’. You know like the normal every day malting wasn’t quite enough, her puppy coat is apparently a lot bigger than I thought. As it’s never bloody ending it seems! This is her face every time I took a couple of seconds break emptying out the brush!


2. The Truth In This Is Fab.

I love Pinterest, as I know most of you do too! I was scrolling endlessly and came across this and it made me smile. Yes maybe because I love tea and it was incorporated into something motivational, but the message is great all the same. Life really is what you make it and unless you stand up and make a change everything will be the same.


3. Disney Mad.

This week I have been completely loving Disney. I love love love all of their films and I love how looking back now as an adult I am left realising there are so many adult references in there! Naughty little buggers! I did a post on top Disney facts that I love too, prior to this post, read it here.


4. The National Tv Awards.

I do enjoy tucking myself in bed and watching award shows, mainly to see what everyone is wearing! I am, for the most part, left completely full of envy. Not here though, oh no, Stephanie Davies who plays Sinead in Hollyoaks got it oh so wrong. Trust me, the back is far more offensive. You definitely see a little bit more than you bargain for.

That’s it guys! super short and sweet this week.

Something that made me smile this week. (Seriously, you have to watch this, it’s great)


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2 responses to “Weekly Round Up #3

  1. Hi! I like your blog and I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. It’s a fun question, answer, pass it on type of thing! Have a lovely day!


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