It’s Disney, Darling.

I don’t know anybody that doesn’t love Disney, quite frankly I don’t think it’s possible to dislike it! I love hearing facts about Disney, little gems of information that make the Disney team and their films oh so much more adorable and relatable. So here I am, sharing some of the ones I love the most, with you.

1. Did you know Disney hide their characters in other films?

tarzan-beauty-and-the-beast-potts monsters-inc-finding-nemo-toy

2. Walt Disney was presented with an honorary Oscar  for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, presented in one normal-sized statuette and seven miniature Oscars. Amaaazing.


3. The Official voices of Mickey & Minnie Mouse were married.


5. The Disney character WALL-E  is named after Walt Disney. (Walter Elias Disney.)


6.  The roars you hear in The Lion King aren’t actually from lions at all, oh no, they were too quiet. So the roars you hear are actually recorded from tigers.


7. What do Pirates of the Caribbean and Tangled have in common, they are the two most expensive films Disney have made so far.




6 responses to “It’s Disney, Darling.

  1. Ohhhh Disney. Have you read about the secrets at Disneyland?! Those are fun too!! 🙂


  2. I love Disney facts! I didn’t know the one about Tangled and Pirates – although if you really think about it the POTC series is bound to be way up there! x


    • I love love love them, my favourite has to be finding the other characters in the films they’re not meant to be in!
      I didn’t know that one either to be fair, I knew it would of been expensive but I wouldn’t of put it at the top of the list! xx

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  3. Hey! I nominated you for the Sisterhod Of The World Bloggers award – go and check it out!


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