Embrace Your Eyes.



Whether it be for better eye contact during conversation, to feel better about myself or simply to try something new one thing remains the same, I always want my eyes to pop and I find that without a good mascara, or two, I don’t feel like mine do!

Collection’s Big Fake Curves Mascara is part of my current duo of go to mascaras, it’s great for adding volume and my lashes seem to become noticeably more curled with the use of this. The large hourglass brush takes a little bit of getting used to, it’s just so large! I remember gulping the first time I used this imagining I would end up with panda eyes, fortunately this didn’t happen but I did notice I didn’t get full coverage the first couple of times. Once I got the hack of the brush however it was super easy to apply, getting even the tiniest of lashes. The formula is rather on the dry side, it wasn’t as all sticky and I found you could layer it up over and over again without any clumping occurring. Score.  It’s currently on offer at boots for £4.99, totally affordable and really does what it says.


As much as I love the Collections mascara and it is great for the lengthening and curling of my lashes it can still leave them looking rather, undesirable, as the colour just isn’t enhanced enough for me. I have found a coat of VERYME’s Fat Lash Blackout Mascara leaves them looking jet black and really highlighting the work that the mascara prior has beautifully done.  It comes with a straight wand and applies gorgeously onto the eyelashes, (with or without any other mascara used prior) the stiff bristles also leave you with no clumps and even coverage which is always a plus. My auntie works for Oriflame and I’m sure I got this from her but I can’t see this on the website anymore, although it is available on good old Ebay!  If you do find this for sale anywhere in this country please please let me know as I would love to repurchase this!


It leaves you with a really natural but still enhanced look that is just gorgeous.

Hope you have a good Monday guys,



4 responses to “Embrace Your Eyes.

  1. I just adore this mascara! 🙂 I got it through representatives, but I think you can become one online and purchase for yourself xx


  2. This looks like a great mascara combo! I’ve never tried anything from Collection apart from the concealer, I’ll have to go and check it out! 🙂
    Becki | http://www.beautyandthebrunette.co.uk xxx


  3. fallenonmyfeet13

    I love the look of these products, I might have to invest… xx


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