What They Don’t Tell You About Having A Pooch.


1. Shoes. So you have a nice collection do you? Which ones would you say are your favourite? Or maybe even the most expensive? If you step out the house longer than they have allowed you can say goodbye to those. Mhmm.

2. They will save all their energy for once their walk is over. Just when you think you’ve tired them out they’re running around the house like their life depends on it.

3. Going to the toilet will become rather an uncomfortable experience. I hope you have a lock on that door because even if you shut it, they will let themselves in, sit in front of you, and stare.

4. Nothing clears a room quite like a gassy dog, but don’t worry, they’ll only let the worst out when you have guests. They’re thoughtful like that.

5. They’re judgemental. Really judgemental. Yes they love you unconditionally and it’s a good job too because they don’t agree with most of what you do. Huffing and eye rolls are actually common expressions you will get from your dog daily.

6. They are boss. You may find yourself tricked into thinking you’re the boss, but they’re playing you.Β  Who ended up with most of the bed last night? Yup, thought so.

7.Β  The only fashion you’ll be keeping up with is dog hair. Yes, this one I think most people will know will be an issue, but there is literally no escaping it.

8. Talking about being thoughtful, where’s the most public place you can think of? Don’t let your dog know, this will be their number one pooping spot, forever.



13 responses to “What They Don’t Tell You About Having A Pooch.

  1. So funny but so true!

    I think your blog is fab, and after I came across it on Bloglovin’ I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award to raise awareness for blogs with under 200 followers. I would love to see your post!

    You can find mine with your nomination link to your blog here, http://alicephillipss.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/the-liebster-award-alice-phillips.html



  2. True story. Don’t forget that when they’re puppies your entire body will be their favorite chew toy!


  3. Too much commitment for me!!!


  4. So true, I love this! my dog judges me all the time, especially when I try to pick her up whilst shes sleeping haha xxx



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