Everyone Wants To Feel And Look Lush.


By now I’m sure you’ve all heard (multiple times) just how fantastic Lush is! I’m forever seeing people raving about their bath bombs and comforters but there is a whole other side to Lush  that I think people rarely see! For instance I rave and rave and rave and rave and rave a little bit more about Grease Lightning by them and I am always left shocked with peoples complete blank faces wondering what the hell I’m on about. Rest Assured. I am going to tell you

Ultrabland – I have spoke about this before, but It’s still my GO TO cleanser and probably always will be. Your makeup is removed almost effortlessly and you’re left feeling super fresh, there is nothing worse than your face still feeling like it’s clogged up after cleansing, is there? For you out there who are also sufferers of acne and sensitive skin, it’s like this product was made for you. It’s so gentle and with  the rose water that calms and soothes,the almond oil that is super hydrating for your skin and the honey that is a natural antiseptic and moisturiser you have all corners covered!. I just love it and my skin does too!

Grease Lightning – A Little dab of this Tea Tree and Hazel Witch gel on a blemish before bed leaves you waking up in the morning with the pesky little bugger gone, or at least basically gone. The beauty of this product is that if you feel a spot coming on applying this gel will ‘zap zits’ before they show visibly. Perfect. Tea Tree with it’s antibacterial elements and Hazel Witch with it’s anti-inflammatory elements aren’t all you’ll find in this gel from heaven. There is also Lavender oil which helps balance your skin and Aloe Vera gel that will soothe those painful spots. This is probably ( at least the only one I can remember because I’ve been using it for that long) the only product that works without drying out my skin and ever since I’ve bought it I’ve used it religiously!

Rub Rub Rub – This shower scrub can be used on dry skin or whilst in the shower. I must say personally although it’s rather painful at times on dry skin if you can hack it, do it that way. You’re left feeling super super exfoliated and clean afterwards and I can’t lie, my legs always feel fabulous. I turn into one of those crazy women, you now the types, the women that shave their legs once a year and then make you touch them over and over again so you can experience it with them? Just like that. It contains fine sea salt that exfoliates and fresh lemon juice that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Yum Yum Yum. You can also use this in your hair to give you extra volume, I’m yet to try this but if you have please let me know how it went!

Vanilla Dee-Lite *sniffs arm, delightful* The smell of this wasn’t appealing to me to begin with. I’m so used to using Body Shop body butters that are completely different, their smells are a lot more prominent I found and you can smell it so strongly as soon as you open up the tub. This however is a lot more subtle, which for me was a shock because who doesn’t love to smell AMAZING from miles around?  But sure enough it grew on me, I now quite prefer this smell to the body butters, yes it’s more subtle and you have to get quite close to smell the fragrance but it stays put all day and it’s a gorgeous light summery smell. The body lotion contains Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute which gives you the gorgeous scent and Pure Organic Coconut Water to leave you hydrated, to name a couple of it’s elements. I love how almost instantly after putting it on your skin you’re ready to go. There is no stickiness and it is oh so light and fluffy to the touch, your skin is left so silky smooth and smelling great.

If you have the time have a scroll through their website here, I am yet to find a product that doesn’t do exactly what it claims to. So explore new products and enjoy feeling lush!

Have a great evening guys,



13 responses to “Everyone Wants To Feel And Look Lush.

  1. I like the sound of the grease lightning! Definitely going to buy that next time im in there!! Xo


  2. Vanilla de-lite and rub rub rub are two of my favourite LUSH products! Beautiful. In fact i love their body lotions in general!


    • I’m quite sad to say that’s the only one I’ve tried! What other ones would you suggest? This ones going to be empty soon:(! haha

      Liked by 1 person

      • I love Charity Pot but it is a little hit or miss with people. But the old charity pot is now called Formulae Known As and i looove it! It’s almost like chocolatey scented – its so hard to describe. Also my mum adores Karma Kreme, so if you know the karma scent/like that sort of patchouli scent then you’ll love that one!


  3. Claire Lancaster

    I always feel lost when I go in to Lush haha there’s always so many products in there and I don’t know what half the things are for 🙈


    • I have been in store once and probably never will again, online is key for them I think because as soon as you walk in it’s so overwhelming! So many smells and so many products with not much description as to what they are visible! Look online sweet it’s so much easier to see what is what, then at least even if you don’t order offline you know what you’re after in store:) xx


  4. my friend always raves about the Rub Rub Rub scrub but I am yet to try it out, very tempted now though! Great post ❤


  5. Hi there!
    I nominated you for a Liebster Award – check out my post to see what it’s all about. Click Here. 🙂



  6. Went into Lush today and had a look at some of these, Grease Lightening definitely sounds like it’s worth a go!

    Alice x



  7. grease lightning sounds so appealing.. I’ll take a look when I next go to a store. Great post!

    han x


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