The Weekly Roundup. #1

I’m starting a new regular weekly post, so every Friday expect to see this little badboy! I haven’t said anything yet but I’ve decided starting from today, have posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (With the odd one in between if i just HAVE to share) Hopefully the routine will stop me from dipping in and out of the blogging world as I please!

10392303_337402669778068_3334802379570314801_n1. We got a Coffee Machine for Christmas.

Ok so we got a Dolce Gusto coffee machine for Christmas and since we received it I just haven’t stopped using it. Mainly to make drinks for Frazer if were being honest as I don’t like Coffee, their tea isn’t very nice at all (PG tips lover through and through) and there are only so many hot chocolates I can drink! Nonetheless, amazing. Also my other favourite Christmas present, that bird cage is £15 from Matalan and I’ve been in love with it for ages. It has cute candles going up the inside , of course at the moment it has Yankee candles filling those tea light holders.

2. My Skin.

I don’t know if it’s because the weather has become slightly warmer, no really it has I’m not lying, or if I’m hormonally balanced or what’s going on but this week my skin has been my friend! We’ve been getting on just great. Tempted to even give her an add on Facebook, we’re that close. The new Bonnie and Clyde, Turner and Hooch, Kim and Maggie, ok you get the hint, we’re cool.


3. I think I’m finally used to being engaged.

It’s been a couple of a weeks now and I’ve finally started to forget I have a ring on my finger. Which is actually dangerous because I find myself panicking and thinking I’ve lost it when really I’ve just got used to it. I have that annoying thing where my knuckles are bigger than my fingers, you know what I mean right? So it spins annoyingly around my finger constantly but if I go any smaller I wont get it over my knuckle to have it on in the first place!


4. My Little Sister Is Becoming A Diva.

She only turned 1 in august, but my god she’s developing a little diva personality! When i’m round my mums and the dogs have come in the room she’s pointing at the kitchen (where their beds are) and she’s making various noises, they’re not words, but they’re assertive nonetheless! Even her walk is diva like, she is wurrrrking it gurl! The difference in age between me and faith, is the difference in age between my mum and me. I’ve just realised that, you’re welcome.


5. Banana & Nutella On Toast.

I must say, I’ve exceeded myself this week. Near enough every day I’ve had this for breakfast. Absolutely living like a queen.


6. The Puppies Are here!

Frazer’s mums border Terrier has had her pups! They’re absolutely gorgeous and are now about a week old. The picture was taken at only two days old, how adorable and tiny are they?! Tildy (their mum) is hilarious. She only lets Frazer’s mum near her pups, Frazer picked up one and she got out of her bed, looked at him and huffed and picked the pup out of his hand and took him back to the rest haha.

Something that’s made me smile this week.


Hope you’ve all had a great week guys! I know I have!



10 responses to “The Weekly Roundup. #1

  1. Hey Kim,

    Thanks for stumbling across my blog today. Your blog is really interesting! 🙂 I am so jel that you got a coffee machine for Christmas and your ring is beautiful!!

    Anyways need to get back to work, I’m gonna follow you on Twitter.



  2. Gorgeous ring! Congrats on the engagement. I need to try the Nutella and bananas on toast asap haha ❤


  3. Congrats, albeit late, on your engagement! Your ring is gorgeous 🙂
    I love the idea of a weekly roundup, I may just have to snag the idea for my blog! x


  4. I decided a few days ago to post on those days too! It makes so much sense doesn’t it – I’m so inconsistent! And those puppies are so cute – I was mine was a puppy again! x


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