Revlons Perfect Duo.


The Revlon Photoready range is just beyond perfect for me, it glides on my skin effortlessly with little product used and leaves me feeling how it says, photoready and gorgeous.

Firstly let’s talk about the primer. Primer is honestly every girls best friend and should in my opinion be in every girls makeup bag. Applying primer after moisturising and before applying your foundation leaves you with a smooth surface to apply your makeup on. Making it easier in my case, to hide those pesty little spots! It can also help to keep your makeup in place which is always  a plus, especially when you’re showcasing those crazy moves of yours that you’ve been practising all week on a Saturday night, no worries about sweating that makeup off and having some missing! Pheww. Think that it can’t get any better? There are many primers out there that aren’t just making your skin look flawless whilst the primers intact, but the primer is in fact reducing breakouts, reducing dryness and evening out your skin tone for when the primer is off as well! Just give me a moment while I compose myself, makeup heaven.


The Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer is an amazing advocate of the priming world. It goes onto my face like a second skin, it really doesn’t feel like you’ve got anything on at all which is exactly what you want when you’ve still got concealer, foundation, powder and bronzer to go, wowwweeeee, After a few minutes of letting it properly sink into your skin you are left with an unflawed base. Yes you can see that I still have spots, of course you will. But they’re a lot tamer, my skin complexion everywhere else is now working together rather than having red angry patches and my under eyes are looking a little more…alive. You can wear the primer on it’s own for a completely natural gorgeous look or now start applying the rest of your makeup routine safely knowing you’ve given it the best start to looking flawless!


So, onto the Revlon Photoready Foundation. Just as with the primer a little goes along way, I really can’t say how wonderfully these two work together without putting it on your face and letting you see for yourself. I use the 004 Nude shade, it’s best to go view these shades in your local beauty store because on the website it’s rather a different looking colour. The coverage when put on top of the primer is just amazing. I’ve always struggled with coverage no matter what I use because of my overly angry spots and acne scars but I’m finally feeling at ease in my own skin with this amazing duo. It’s super light weight and completely not cakey which is just fantastic! It’s oil free which is perfect for my combination skin and has SPF too so your skin is being protected as well as looking and feeling great.

The Primer is retailing at Superdrug for £11.99 and the Foundation is at £12.99 so super affordable too! This is definitely what I’ll be sticking with for a while until I find something I love just as much, but for now I can’t se that happening!

Have a great evening guys,



4 responses to “Revlons Perfect Duo.

  1. I really suffer with acne scars so I’ll have to test this duo out! x


    • Mine are really bad and paired up with this foundation (haven’t tried it with anything else yet) they are flawless! Spots are still noticeable, if looked for, but acne scars are a thing of the past with this on! Let me know how you get on sweet x


  2. This primer is absolutely fab, i love it too! X


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