Why there’s no shame in a nanny nap.



Firstly, I can’t remember my poppy dog ever being this tiny! Eeeeek.

Now I don’t know about you but I can’t justify having a nap midday unless I’m absolutely dying from the good old British killer that is the flu! All you have to do to my fiancé is mention the word sleep and bam off he goes into the world of nod but I always end up feeling guilty, like I should be spending my day being productive, let’s be honest there is always some house work to get done, the joys.

Now I don’t know if you are aware because I definitely wasn’t but napping is actually beneficial for your health and your noggin!  Napping increases alertness, productivity, creativity, improves your ability to take in new things, gets rid of that unwanted stress, lifts your spirits and lets be honest, it’s also awesome. You finally have a reason to get tucked up with a book and not feel bad about it. You’re just thinking of your health, am I right?! It is said that the perfect nap is between 15-30 minutes, any longer than that and you could find yourself feeling rather groggy and wishing you never bothered in the first place!

Oh man, I wish I found this out earlier, it’s now a bit too late for my first guilt free nap otherwise I wont be sleeping tonight. But tomorrow, if you’re lucky enough to have the day off or just lucky enough to find 15 minutes to get a nap, do it! If not, why not get a job at Google, British Airways or Nike? They encourage napping during work hours, that sounds like the prefect workplace to me.

Have a great evening guys,



6 responses to “Why there’s no shame in a nanny nap.

  1. Hello, I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award! Take a look on my page to see what you need to repost ect. I love reading your blog, and think many other will too. Good luck!


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