Rosey Cheeks and Chilly Feet.

Is it just me who had no idea it was Sunday today? The Christmas and New Year period really makes everyday blur into one, the week is lost on me! This is a picture heavy post, well… once I’ve shut my mush it will be only a picture post. There really is nothing quite like a brisk winter walk with your pooch, I know I’ve posted about my walks with pops before, but you can never have too many dog pictures! That be all guys, that be all!

10896886_336411246543877_2879623749184444235_n 10271523_336411583210510_1707892759069880034_n 10363909_336411623210506_4314612454277794351_n 1619415_336411563210512_9190166725288247964_n 10885436_336410946543907_4304137978227621211_n 10897030_336411229877212_3621298610849656064_n 10898167_336411299877205_8919751309506459970_n 10922437_336410846543917_8974335648225996736_n



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