Oh it’s a great day to be British.

As much as the cold winters and the not always much warmer summers keep us looking paler than paper, us Brits have a lot of reasons to love being British. Don’t you think? I thought about this whilst I looked down to my side, mug of tea in hand, to the overwhelming selection of biscuits by my side. I couldn’t think of anything better at this moment in time and it got me thinking about all the other benefits of being British.

Of course, Tea & Biscuits. Not only are we lucky enough to have so many varieties of Tea, PG tips, Tetleys, Yorkshire, Welsh, Typhoo etc. But our taste buds are also blessed with the obvious friend of tea, biscuits. I know you know what I’m on about when I say I sit challenging the amount of time my biscuit should be in my tea before it breaks, pulling it out last minute and feeling like an absolute WINNER.


The pure label of ‘Being British’. The world see’s Britain as a country full of posh speaking, friendly polite people. We can do pretty much anything and there will always be people who believe this is the case, we can do no wrong. The shock on their little faces when they visit and realise some of us aren’t even bright enough to pull our trousers over our arses must be priceless.

Our ability to keep positive. There is about 1 week all year that is warm enough to sit in a beer garden, but once summer arrives we WILL sit in that beer garden and we WILL enjoy it.

Sunday Roast. Oh the Sunday Roast, endless amounts of food piled up onto one plate fit for a king. Meat, Yorkshire Puddings, Stuffing, Mash Potato, Roast Potatoes, Parsnips,All veg you can get your hands on and Gravy. Perfect. I salute the person that loved this idea so much they made carveries, all you can eat Sunday Roasts! If your plate isn’t overflowing with gravy because it can’t fit on your plate you’re doing it wrong.


Sarcasm. As a country we have absolutely nailed the art of sarcasm, to the point of where it is practically impossible to know if someone is complimenting you genuinely or not. If somebody likes something or not. Hell, sometimes I don’t even know if what i’m saying is in a sarcastic manner or not.


David Attenborough. So you watch nature documentaries, it’s not David you say? Well everything this so called ‘nature expert’ is saying is wrong. So wrong. Davids voice just can’t be doubted and documentaries just can’t be trusted if they’re not narrated by him.

The weather might be awful here, but without it we would have no conversation saviour. You know that random person that won’t stop talking to you? You’re in a public place and you’re waiting for the bus and you don’t want to be rude so you just have to reply and talk about something. The weather, it’s the weather every time.

The Royal Family. Nothing Is gone unnoticed with the royal family, which is expected. But there is some events I’m sure they’d love to keep quiet. Nothing makes you feel more like the Royal Family are at one with the people than seeing that they’re doing absolutely stupid shit too.


The overwhelming support on a Saturday night out. You’ve just fell over, you hear that cheering? THAT IS FOR YOU. That continuous humming of applause and ‘Wheeeeeyy’s’ is just for you, isn’t that kind. You’ve just done a jaeger train by yourself? You’re the new local hero for the night, you’re everybody’s best friend. You’ve busted out some dad moves on the dance floor? We will still all stand and clap like you’re Michael Jackson

There are many more things that I love about us British, So many more.But for now, here you are. What are you fav British traits or traditions?



8 responses to “Oh it’s a great day to be British.

  1. I absolutely loved reading this – it made me laugh 😀 can’t beat tea and biscuits either :)x


  2. You know, this is hilarious and as a non-brit I’m jealous of your brit status.


  3. fallenonmyfeet13

    As a fellow Brit I couldn’t help but completely agree as well as laugh at all of these. Thank you for writing this, a lovley thing to read this morning! x


  4. Loved this post! We do have things to be proud of! 😀


  5. Loved reading this post… With a green tea and caramel digestives in hand!


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