Best Blogs Of 2014.


I’ve only been blogging for a few months but I sure have loved every single moment of it! I haven’t just loved it because of blogging myself though, I have thoroughly enjoyed finding these inspiring and creative blogs along the way! Each and every one is absolutely fabulous in their own way, if you haven’t discovered them yet, I think it’s time to start 2015 clued up as to who they are. Please click on each of their banners to find yourself on their blogs 🙂


Emily from the Freckled Fox, just wow. I can’t believe her blog is just so versatile. Each and every time I look there is something new, she really does cover everything. From hair & beauty, family, diy to recipes it’s just amazing. She has the most gorgeous long locks and her hair tutorials are probably some of my favourite posts of hers…not that I could ever achieve it myself as my hair has all been cut off but it’s just so pretty!


Helene, From Helene In Between has me laughing every time. Her humour is one in a million and she’s not even a fellow Brit! (I know I know, crazy) Her primarily lifestyle blog is so welcoming. She talks to you like you’re one of her friends, which at the end of the day isn’t going to make you leave is it?!


Lauren is probably one of the first blogs I followed, after I got bloglovin that is because I’m over on the WordPress family. I originally followed her on Instagram and her pictures are always so beautiful presented and I soon found out her blog was too! She mainly writes about fashion and beauty but the way she opens up about personal health is inspiring to anyone who reads it I’m sure.


Becky from Milk Bubble Tea is actually the reason I got bloglovin in the first place, as I say I’m over on the WordPress family so I knew as soon as I came across her blog I just had to follow her and keep up with her updates and so here I am. Her photography is top notch, and to say she does it mainly off her iPhone is crazy to me. Mine all look like well…like they’re off a phone camera. Her lifestyle blog is full of pictures of her gorgeous dachshund, which I must admit is what caught my eye to begin with! nothing like bringing people together with dogs!

I have many many many favourite blogs, as you would know if you ever saw my WordPress and Bloglovin reads. They’re full of everything from beauty to lifestyle to home décor to fitness, I just love it all! If you have any favourite must see blogs please let me know, I love finding new undiscovered blogs and who knows, they might just make it onto the favourites list next year.



One response to “Best Blogs Of 2014.

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, I’m really glad you enjoy reading my blogposts!!!:) x


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