Christmas Cleanse.

10422532_333289893522679_5039246039682231303_n So that’s it guys, that’s Christmas over! It seems to have gone as quickly as It came. Personally after the Christmas period I need to cleanse many things, my house being one of the biggies! Everything just seems to become extremely messy in such a short period of time, so that’s been on my cleansing list. But the other main thing I need cleansing is my skin. With the early mornings and the late nights, with every minute full of some festivity my skin unfortunately doesn’t have its normal daily routine. I just never find the time! After all the naughty food I’ve consumed too my face is going to need a helping hand on its way to looking its best!  Here are my three favourite and often skin saving products. 10888452_333289876856014_2123704830675902368_n This is in my opinion is the absolute best cleanser out there. There has never been a cleanser remove makeup like this for me before, definitely not with as little as I have to use of this! Ultrabland from Lush is always on the top of my shopping list! It is rather oily which with my oily skin was a worry to begin with I must admit, but as long as you wash it off thoroughly the results are amazing. I use warm damp cotton pads. A little goes a long way and I can’t praise it enough I really can’t. Everything in Lush products are from natural resources and they are completely anti-animal testing so you can’t go wrong! It really is one of those products you need to use to truly understand just how great it is! 10675569_333289823522686_850842596338659449_n 10403650_333289840189351_5513122705522500901_n I tend to switch between these two daily depending how my skin is, on a normal day I use the ‘Simple’ Cleansing Lotion, on a day where my skin is more sensitive or just needs that little extra boost I use the Nivea Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will probably know by now I struggle hugely with my skin. It has more blemished areas than not, only recently has it started improving and the littlest thing can set it all back to how it was. That’s why these two cleansers are perfect, Simple’s range never add any additives that aren’t needed to their products, perfect for my skin that can be easily irritated by perfumed products or harsh chemicals. Whereas  Nivea are great for their moisturising properties and this product really is as gentle as it says, wonderful for the days where I’ve blown up with blemishes and the more gentle the product on my face the less irritated the blemishes become. Which in turn means the quicker they disappear! Bonus. When used after Ultrabland my skin is left feeling super clean, I have a lot to thank these products for. Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas period! Are you a fan of any of these products? Or do you have cleansing favourites of your own? Untitled


7 responses to “Christmas Cleanse.

  1. rachelellisfashionandbeauty

    I like the sound of the Lush Facial Cleanser! Think I need to give it a go. I use a lot of the Simple products because I have sensitive skin so they are perfect 🙂 xx


    • It really is the best cleanser I have EVER tried. A lot of people have reviewed it as being too oily and not coming off easily but as long as you’re ready to make sure you get it all off it really does work wonders! Simple is fab isn’t it! xx

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  2. As you said you struggle hugely with your skin, I follow someone on Instagram who makes wonderful skin care products. The user id is sadz1122 . Her product’s reviews by the customers are amazing, and she delivers Internationally too. Do check her range. Her website is I myself will be ordering from her soon. I hope you get some good products. I know how it is with sensitive skin.

    I really want to get my hands at that Nivea cream wash. Haven’t used it ever but want to by the looks of it.


  3. does the simple cleansing lotion remove makeup? xxx


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