Herbal Essences, Bee Strong.

Hello my lovelies!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a few weeks, it all seems to of blurred together as one and feels like it’s only been a few days! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been super duper busy, it is Christmas after all! I have found myself just overwhelmed with preparations and my blog has unfortunately been one of the things pushed aside for that time whilst I got everything together! But here I am! Back and ready for Christmas so my blogging will be consistent again πŸ™‚



Whilst I was away I have purchased the Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask. Now to be honest I’m not overly excited about this product. I have heard so many raving reviews about these but for me I can’t quite get past the smell. It is said to be Honey and Apricot, sometimes it smells absolutely divine but depending on which smell you catch from itΒ they can also smell rather quite overwhelming, and not always for the best reasons.

1896848_329971150521220_3021714624419955385_nIΒ also wouldn’t say my hair has become stronger, which it is apparently meant to help with but then I’m no expert. One massive positive is that my hair really feels clean afterwards! I know I know that’s the aim of shampoo and conditioner, but I can’t be the only one who has tried products in the past that have had so many additives that it leaves your hair feeling heavy and like you need to wash it again almost instantly?! The fact you’re left with super shiny locks and stupidly soft to the touch isn’t bad either! It’s just the smell, I can’t get past the smell. Has anybody else found the same issue with this product?! It’s such a shame because Herbal Essences are known for their gorgeous smelling hair care ranges!


My favourite find whilst trying out this range definitely has to be the Strengthening Intensive Mask, the smell seems to be a bit more manageable and I would happily purchase this over and over again. In fact, I have. A little goes a long way so it’s definitely value for money. Again, I don’t think it has strengthened my hair as such, if it has it hasn’t been noticeable to myself, but it does leave my hair easier to manage, super soft and it seems to decrease frizz as well! Bonus! There is no time limit suggested on the packaging however the longer the better right? It’s as easy as pie, just rinse the mask off afterwards and wala you’re left feeling and looking great!


Let me know how you’ve got on with this range, or if you have any favourites of the moment let me know too!



14 responses to “Herbal Essences, Bee Strong.

  1. I use this same set too! I’ve seen improvement with my hair but barely lol. It does leave my hair really clean though! This and Dove are probably the only two that make my hair feel really clean and light!


    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel like it’s not doing much to their hair! How do you get along with the smell?! I have never tried any of the Dove hair range before but I will definitely give it a go, if it makes my hair feel as clean as this range I can’t go wrong! x


      • i like the smell actually! but yesss try dove!! the smell isn’t too crazy and i think that’s helped me more than the herbal essence. I have really thick curls and it just makes it feel so lightweight and my curls come out more! Finding a good shampoo and conditioner is hard 😦


  2. I’ve been wondering about these..I don’t think I’m going to take the plunge and buy now! Thanks for the review.


  3. I always had bad luck with shampoos until I found Dove. The new range works wonder on my hair. It actually delivers what it says on the bottle. But Tresseme Professional shampoo is the bomb! It’s amazing. You should try these two. I haven’t used Herbal essences as yet and don’t think I will after this review!


    • I really need to get my hands on some Dove by the sounds of it! Is there a product particularly that works wonders or just any? Oh I loved tresseme but i’m naturally blonde and dye my hair jet black, the properties in tresseme has always stripped the colour quickly so I can’t use that anymore :(! Herbal essences as a brand are fab, but this range for some reason just hasn’t hit the mark for me! xx

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      • I died my hair jet black recently and am using tresseme for the first time.lets see if it does the same. Dove’s volume boosting shampoo is amazing. Purple color strip on the bottle. I use the one made in UK. And that is very good. Sleek and shine is wonderful too. Its bronze colored strip on the bottle.


  4. I haven’t used this particular scent but the Herbal Essences anti hair fall range is really good if you have fine hair like I do. I think it’s called “breaks over” which comes in purple packaging. It did lessen my hairfall and to be fair I don’t brush my hair that much, so my bad.


    • Mine falls out all the time! I feel like i’m becoming bald whilst washing it so that sounds perfect. Will take a look into it :). I never used to brush y hair much, the shame, but since getting my Tangle Teaser I haven’t missed a day! Which is unlike me but my hair is thanking me for it haha xx


      • I have also, just recently, got on board the whole Tangle Teaser train, but I mostly just use it when I wash my hair. The paddle brush from The Body Shop is also a good one and I’ve had mine for a year now and it’s not painful to the scalp. I despise brushing my hair since I decided to grow it out. I’d like to know though if you have any hair mask recommendations. Love your blog by the way!


      • Oh i’m pretty new to it too don’t worry haha! Bit late aren’t we! I have psoriasis really badly on my scalp, sadface, so anything I use has to be gentle on the scalp! I haven’t even heard of a paddle brush before, I literally live under a rock i’m sure!

        I haven’t used a hair mask in a few months, which is rather naughty of me because I need to. But when I dyed my hair from jet black to blonde it ruined It ( only to dye it back black, awkward) and Coconut oil is absolutely amazing, especially as an overnight hair mask. Henera Intensive Treatment Wax is good too, with this one you really want to stay away from the roots with it being wax otherwise you’re left greasy for an unwelcome amount of time. Yummy. With that one I would pop it on my hair, cover my hair in kitchen foil to keep it warm so it would work into my hair better and then wash it out later on (leave it in for as long as you can bare).
        And aw thankyou sweet! I love your blog for your humour, leave me giggling to myself! xxx


      • Well better late than never right? The thing is I’ve never grown my hair this long before (it’s now way past my shoulders). I’ve not had a proper cut in 2 years? Haha!

        Don’t be fooled by the knowledge of the paddle brush. Everything I know about beauty wise is just a regurgitation of what I take in from YouTube videos and blog posts I read like yours. So just passing on the good deed I guess? Girl Achievement Unlocked!

        Dyeing the hair jet black is never a good idea in my opinion. I dyed my hair black once and I have pretty much black Asian hair anyway but dyeing it black made it look like I had on a wig. Bonus, I had straight down my forehead bangs. Very Dora the Explorer chic!

        Thanks for the recommendation. I have used coconut oil before but to be honest I am too lazy for it.

        I do a Follow Fridays post and this week is dedicated to beauty. Will be saving a spot for your wee blog. I just have a special place in my heart for Brits. Maybe it’s the love for tea thing.


      • I’m very jealous! I miss my long hair, I had it super long until I realised my distrust in hairdressers (like you I didn’t get it cut) left it rather dead. Oopsy. So now it’s far too short for my liking!

        Haha well yes you’ve enlightened me! Add that little badge to your girl guiding outfit (Seeing as your not british, you may, or may not get that reference. I’m chucking it in there anyway)

        My hair is naturally blonde, which not many people know, or believe. But my eyebrows are the bane of my life. Super jet black and against my blonde hair I looked awful. So black hair it was! And I haven’t gone back!

        I am also super lazy, hence why I haven’t used it for a few months haha! I go through stages of looking like I’ve got catwalk hair and then looking like I have a birds nest on my head. It’s rather attractive I must say.

        Oh really aw thank you! That’s really nice of you, glad you enjoy! I love being a Brit, I made a post about it not so long ago, we get away with so much because everyone see’s us as this posh tea drinking family of people haha. (If you’ve you’ve seen Jeremy kyle, this is the reality). Tea, Is, Life.


      • I think my hair is getting to that point of “rather dead”. But I’m going on holiday/wedding in May and I may need to keep long for that time because I am chosen to be a bridesmaid *shudder* but I want to have it cut so bad. Everyone else is against it though.

        Have you tried dyeing your eyebrows? I’ve always considered this. I’m prone to dyeing my hair brownish blondish color and have thought of dyeing my eyebrows too.

        I actually find ‘just got out of bed hair’ cute nowadays. Maybe because I have trust issues with ladies who have polished looking hair. Like they woke up 2-3 hours early just to achieve that. Maybe not trust issues but envy. So your birds nest head is up my alley.

        I grew up watching BBC so I’m pretty much in the know of Brit culture. Trust me, I watch way too much Graham Norton for my own good, but he’s Irish so I don’t know if that really counts. I’m also convinced that I am British in my past life and I am waiting for my British dude to sweep me off my feet. But I’ll probably wait ages for him as he doesn’t know I exist. Yikes.


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