5 steps to better skin.


That title said ‘skim’ not ‘skin’ 7 times, thought I’d just share that anger I felt for my keyboard and fingers right there. Share my pain.

I honestly believe that finding the right skin regime could take you a lifetime and nothing is saying once you do that’s that. Once you have the skincare you’ve been dreaming of your skin can just change in an instance and suddenly has a whole new list of requirements, selfish of it I know but yet here we are, constantly trying to please our faces! There are however little steps that will alwaysΒ help!

1. Sleep. The best way for your skin not to look tired, is to not be tired. Crazy scientifical stuff going on here haha! But seriously, get yourself into as much as a routine as life will let you! Make sure you get those zzzz’s and your skin will thank you. Whether it’s just giving you a fresh glow or help heal those horrid spots and acne scars like it is for me you’ll feel great for it. Simples.

2. Moisturise. I know a lot of people moisturise, but are you massaging it into your skin?! Like reaaaaally massaging it in there? Without moisturising it’s not getting into your skin deeply! I use the Simple range as it has no chemicals or additives that aren’t natural! With sensitive skin like myself you don’t need anything irritating it!

3. Exercise. Exercise that involves getting the heart rate up fast, cardiovascular exercises, make you sweat. Sweating is your bodies natural way to detoxify itself and helps clear the pores, clear pores, clearer skin. Plus, exercise always makes you feel good too. Bonus.

4. Sun cream. Sun cream, we all know it works wonders to help get a tan without the god awful burn. But I only recently earlier this year infact learnt that I should be wearing this all year round, sunshine or rain. The protection against the rays also help stop skin cancer, help stop ageing and slow down those wrinkles and it also helps reduce red blotchiness of the face!

5. Hydrate yourself. Keeping yourself hydrated has many health benefits, but without keeping water on hand your skin will also suffer! It helps keep those eyes looking bright and less puffy and can clear up your complexion amazingly well! It’s always worth keeping a large 2 litre bottle and aiming to finish it and then some by the end of the day. That way you can really keep track on what you’re drinking, if you’re anything like me you’ll also realise just how little you do drink! It certainly kick started me into a healthier lifestyle when it comes to water.

There are loads more tips out there that can help improve your skin but these are my top five as you don’t need to splash the cash to achieve them! Any body can do it.



3 responses to “5 steps to better skin.

  1. I knew most of this but it’s great getting a wee reminder. I am terrible for sleep, I just love evenings and always go to bed a bit too late! Work in progress ;). Thank you! xx


  2. Hi there, that is a great post!

    I have nominated you for the competition One Lovely Blog Award. If you want to find out what to do check out my page:




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