This is one for the men out there! It does say on the packaging ‘You don’t need a beard to use this, but it helps’, although I’ve found myself cheekily stealing some now and again when I run out of my own face wash as it is super duper moisturising! Smells divine which is also a plus, that’s the pineapple and apricot in it for you! Anybody who has a partner with a beard is probably going to agree that until it gets to a certain length it is bristly, spikey and rough. None of those words sound appealing to me I can tell you that for free, since using this facial wash Frazer’s beard is like a babies bottom, well it’s not, imagine a baby with a hair bottom…..I can’t remove that image from my head. Neither can you, I’m sorry haha! The name also isn’t one you can forget either, if you find yourself in a Lush store on online then be sure to purchase Kalamazoo!



One response to “Kalamazoo

  1. Ahhh thank god I’m not the only one! I used “Cosmetic Lad” by Lush for a while it was really good for my skin and just smelled so yummy!


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