MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer (Kooky)


I can’t deny that the Lacquer is an absolutely  gorgeous colour, such a gorgeous deep purple that really does stop people in their steps and goes just splendidly with my black hair and pale complexion. Somebody just  give me a role in twilight, I’m ready. I also can’t deny that it goes on like a dream, with the standard doe foot applicator it’s easy to apply and super quick. The coverage is amazing, although I would recommend to have a lip liner on with this to define the edges as it can go quite sloppy around the outer lip.


The packaging of the product really makes you feel like you’re buying a high end product, it’s just gorgeous. I got mine from Superdrug and at £3 a bop I wasn’t the only one i can imagine who thought they were getting something amazing for their money. The  frosted glass look (although plastic) give it a really sophisticated edge, with the bold gold writing against the black carrying on the high end market look.


The match of colour to what you’d think is spot on, there’s nothing worse than buying a product and it coming out a different colour to the packet, am I right?! No worries with this though, what  you see is what you get.

There is however a but, and a BIG but at that, when I put anything on I want it to last the duration. If not the duration be able to be topped up with no worries. Topping up really doesn’t phase me I don’t mind as I normally carry my lipstick around with me anyway. I wore this to a firework display and all was good, my lips looked hooootttt, not that anybody could appreciate it because we were in darkness but you know, I knew. We then went to a friends for food afterwards, a good 30 people were there and to my embarrassment on a trip to the bathroom I caught myself in the mirror. My lips were half on half not. There was like a line all around my lips, just a little bit in from the lip liner that was completely empty of the lacquer. It’s hard to explain and I wish I had got a photo but as you can imagine in a house full of people all I wanted to do was wash that stuff off!! I have done a little research and it appears this problem isn’t just me, phew. Loads of people have complained on how quickly and how bizarrely this products peels off. For £3 a go I wouldn’t say I regret buying it, definitely not. However I’m rather gutted because this colour is divine.

Have any of you tried this? Or one of the many other colours in the range? If you’re wanting to you can get it here



5 responses to “MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer (Kooky)

  1. Love the lip colour! ❤


  2. I love the colour, it looks so pretty but I do not want that happening to me! Such a shame because I thought how good they looked for such a good price! Thanks for the heads up! X


  3. This looks great on you! I might try one of the other colours, this wouldn’t suit me 😦
    Where did you get your hat from?! It’s adorable! xx


    • I think it would you know! I saw somebody with your complexion and hair colour rocking that colour the other week! It’s from primark but it’s last years stock, might be back in there if not there will be some very similar! xx


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