Rub a dub dub lets have fun in the tub

My poppy dog as you can probably guess is female. Therefore she has that time of the month, every nine months. It’s been a complete nightmare but oh my lord i’m so happy it’s over! It seems so is she! Finally we’ve been able to give her a good old wash and she literally has been sprinting around the house all giddy since. She’s literally like my child, to the point where my mum when she visits calls her the ‘grandchild’, and lets be honest, you just know because of this my camera roll is going to be full of pictures of my four legged girl.

10730923_314099618775040_4872037368048235772_n 10801876_314099468775055_7937659931504216395_n 10644960_314099558775046_6990606218790004974_n 150126_314099532108382_1546632001292848219_n 1897899_314099492108386_5229015639358774863_n 10409148_314099425441726_9146849399252201212_n 10271562_314099408775061_7134734085068741141_n

She’s all sparkly and clean! Oh the picture of her being dried just cracks me up. She enjoys it honestly!

Another MASSIVEΒ thing that happened today whilst doing my glasses is that i’m two episodes away from finishing Gossip Girl, I only started watching it as background noise on Netflix whilst I did my glasses but boy have I got into it! Does Blair and up with Chuck?! Will Serena and Dan end up together?! Will they defeat Bart?! Oh man so many questions so little time. (don’t tell me any of this guys I will cry inside) But whatΒ I would like to know is what else would you recommend to watch on Netflix?! I’ve watched Orange is the New Black,Watching Lost Girl and I just need something to keep me occupied whilst glassing!Β  Hope you’re having a good day!



3 responses to “Rub a dub dub lets have fun in the tub

  1. Oh my god your dog is adorable! Her face when she’s being dried is the best! What a cutie patootie! πŸ™‚ xx


  2. she is precious!!! I absolutely love dogs and yours is so cute πŸ™‚ bath time is always a treat haha


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