November Newbies.


Payday how I love you. First week I live like a queen, rest of the month you would think I was homeless. But at least my face looks good right?

I absolutely love Collection, it is my go to brand for powder and concealer. Their prices are always super reasonable too which is always a welcomed bonus! I did pick up some new items though! All of my makeup products have been bought from Superdrug this month, apart from the face masks at the end. If you haven’t done your make up shop or simply want a top up they have 3 for 2 over all cosmetics and it really does mean you can grab a bargain.



Fast Stroke Waterproof Eye Liner (Black), I absolutely love eye liner, I probably don’t go many days without it to be fair. I think it can finish any look! Unfortunately it can be quite easy for it to ruin a look too, awkward little bugger.

Big Fake Curves Ultra Black Mascara. Big fake curves, the name, that is what sold this mascara to me. I am always switching and swapping my mascaras. When it comes to your eyes I think it’s the easiest area to be risky with and try new products, so why the hell not! The packaging also excites me, the jet black with the bright pink and curved edges which makes it easier to hold is just fab.

The Come Backs.

Collection Pressed Powder (Daydream)  Oh how I love this powder, it stays in place all day and goes on so effortlessly with a lightweight feel! At £1.99 it hardly breaks the bank either!

Collection Concealer. (Cool Medium) The coverage of this concealer is just insane. Since I got my hands on it a few months ago I’ve never looked at any other. So quick to apply and super super blendable. Blendable isn’t a word is it? It should be.


MUA always have such gorgeous products. I love their palettes. Yet each one of these items I’ve never tried before.

Hall Of Fame Palette.  Do I need to say anything? Or does the name say it all? The shades in this palette are completely lush. I can’t quite put into words how exited I am to try it.

Mosaic Bronzer Shade 1 (Natural Glow) For me bronzers have to the multiple shades in there, I have such pale skin that anything block coloured makes me look like I have just dapped brown on me and I’m ready for Halloween. Believe me it’s not pretty. The natural look is always preferred too for everyday so the natural glow title won me over.

Eye liner (Jet Black) I have a feeling I have tried this before, but it was that long ago I really couldn’t tell you anything about it. Think I was first drawn to it because of the sharpener that comes with it. Winner winner chicken dinner. I constantly lose mine so that’s just perfect, unless I lose that too…and well then that says more about me than the eyeliner ha-ha.


Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer (Kooky) This picture really doesn’t do it any justice. It’s an absolutely divine plum colour. The packaging looks so high market and I must say whilst brushing the lacquer on my hand that also felt very high market. Can’t wait to pop this on. It’s funny it’s called kooky, that’s just hat the women behind me thought I was for wanting a purple.


Oh how I love a bargain, and these definitely are. They’re from Bodycare and thy were only £2 each! Although I’ve seen them in many bargain stores. Fab Fab Fab. 1nothing I like more than a good pamper with a face mask. Does anybody else keep their face masks in the fridge? I always do yet people seem to find it strange? It really does help the soothing to keep them cool for application.




12 responses to “November Newbies.


    I ot way too excited – I typed in all caps!


  2. Thank you so much for the follow.
    Follow you back on bloglovin.
    Btw,I’m also on Instagram,maybe you like my account?
    Lovely greets from germany 😉


  3. I love the first lines! Which reminds me, I so need to go shopping. Imma try and find this mascara you’re raving about. Would buy anything that promises to give me fake thick lashes that I can flutter about!


    • I love it! Will only tell after a few uses whether its in my head or the product though. Do yoh ever love a product for a few days when its new and then realise you were fooling yourself?! Cant see this being the case with this though. Haha yes were all queens the first week. Xxx


  4. Great selection of products, I like how you chose more affordable products. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, instructions can be found here

    Lauren x


  5. I keep on hearing good things about MUA make-up. I definitely think I’m going to have to invest in some treats come next pay day!

    Lauren x


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