Coconut Oil, What Can’t You Do?

untitledCoconuts, don’t they just make you think of exotic countries?! Oh how I miss the sun I’ve always known that coconut milk works wonders for softening the skin but I only ever used it on my legs, then forced people to touch them like some crazy leg lady, they were that soft.  Yet I’ve for some silly reason never explored any of the other benefits of coconut.

Acne. Anybody who has read my blog on will probably be more than aware that my skin is not always my friend, in fact it’s probably never my friend. I’m always on the look out for new things to try and salvage it and from doing so I’ve learnt so many tips and tricks along the way. My skin is so much better, not to the level of what most peoples skin is but nonetheless it’s far better than it’s ever been. Coconut oil has anti-flamitory properties, when put on it seems to immediately start to reduce redness on my face. It is a rich source of Vitamin- E, which helps clear blockages in the skin and gets to the root of the source of acne, not just what appears above the surface. Prevention is always better than treatment (I sound like my mum, woohoo).

Hair. The first most appreciated benefit of the oil is the way it helps damaged hair by helping to replace the protein.Anything that can help my poor hair along it’s way is a winner with me. . Coconut oil is also said to be a better conditioner than anything man-made on the market. I must admit, I think they’re right. I can’t get over how soft my hair is after applying onto my wet hair after a shower. I only apply to the ends of my hair and wouldn’t recommend to put it anywhere near your roots as of course oils will only make your hair greasy, but for the ends where the most damage seems to occur it works wonders.


Don’t be alarmed when it looks like wax. Simply take a small amount and rub your hands together, once melted you are ready to apply!

The benefits for skin and hair seem to be endless. Do you use Coconut oil for anything else?

Ps, my skin is quite sensitive, As this is a fragranced oil I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone else with sensitive skin. Only use this one for your hair as it could end up irritating.



5 responses to “Coconut Oil, What Can’t You Do?

  1. i need a good hair repair conditioner and i think ill try this! 🙂

    Bev xx


    • It really does work well, another product I use that I will be writing about soon is the Brazillian Ketarin. Literally £2 from most bits and bobs shops and my hairs never felt softer! The two together are devine xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg I definitely have to try it for acne! Great post (: x


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