The importance of quality time.


If there is one thing I love more than anything else in this world it’s one on one time with my man, I honestly think to keep a bond strong you need to go out and do things as a couple. Especially when you live together, everything can become routine, you can get complacent and unfortunately sometimes the spark can fade. Luckily I have a gorgeous partner that knows the importance of getting outΒ  the house and enjoying one another’s company too. I had such a fab night, munch and drinks and then, more munch!


With the colder weather coming however I think there will be quite a few times I’ll opt for the night in than the night out. British winters are not somewhere you want to spend outside for anything other than wrapped up walks.



2 responses to “The importance of quality time.

  1. You are so adorable! Your husband is a handsome and lucky man!


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