The perks of my work.

I absolutely love working at Clarks, the shoes really have become updated and on trend! If you asked me 3 years ago if I owned any shoes from Clarks, I might be able to on a push drag out some shoes from school that hadn’t been thrown out. Not now though, now I’m lucky I have rent and bills to pay for otherwise my wardrobe would be bursting at the seams of shoes and boots!! There are still so many people that don’t know how on trend Clarks has become even after their promotions in Elle and other well known magazines!

My favourite time of year starts now, not for the cold but because it means the shop is full of gorgeous boots and I was lucky enough to be able to choose a pair of ankle boots of my choiceΒ absolutely free of charge, as you can imagine I was a little bit giddy. I went for a gorgeous block heeled number and with the ridged thick soles they give the biker edge which is ever so popular this season.


If you wanted a pair for yourself, which I’m sure you will because JUST LOOK AT THEM!! They areΒ called Keswick Water and are Β£69.99.

Enjoy our Sunday,



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